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Nigerian Pastor Threatens To Shutdown Big Brother With Spiritual Power

The Pastor of Jehovah the Mightier than All Ministry, Prophet Elebena Chukwu has threatened to shut down Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, reality show.

Chukwu threatened to shut down the BBNaija lockdown season using his spiritual powers if the federal government fails to shut it down.

He explained that the reality show being aired on tv promotes immorality in the society.

In a viral video, the clergyman claimed that the programme was corrupting the minds of Nigerian children.

According to Chukwu: “If the Nigerian government does not shut BBNaija down, l will shut it down by force. With spiritual capability, l can do it.

“I know who I am; I’m not a prophet that is boasting. With my spiritual level, I will destroy BBNaija; I’ll use my spiritual power on them.

“So, it’s better for you people (government) to close them now because they are consuming and destroying the mind of our children. I cannot take this nonsense again from this country.”

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