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Odd as it may sound, many male celebrities are now hit by rupture of Penis during hot sex. Do you ask if the Penis could rupture during sex? The answer is yes and many hospitals in Nigeria have recorded many cases of Penis Rupture in the last 5 months.

Well, according to a top female staffer of Lagos State Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, who doesn’t want her name mentioned, the hospital has recorded serious cases of Penis Rupture before and during Covid-19 Lockdown.

Rupture of the third leg in men is not an urban legend; it really happens. You sure can rupture your sugar stick, while you are at some stages of lovemaking. But how exactly do you rupture or break it?

What could be responsible for a major increase in Penis rupture among celebrity men these days? According to the nurse, many celebrity men use sex enhancers fondly called “aphrodisiac “ or Kayamata to enhance their sex performance. She said in as much as she could not outrightly condemn aphrodisiac or Kayamata, but she explained that it makes many men feel that they could go on more rounds of sex than their capacity can take. She also explained that the drugs could make Penis thicker or stronger more than is usual.

Penis breakage is not like a fracture of an arm or leg. Allow us to explain. This is caused by vigorous sexual activity.

A Penis fracture is different from other fractures of the boney parts of the body, as the Penis has no bones. During an erection, the penis is flooded with more blood that fills two cylinders (corpora cavernosa). If turgid, Penis is suddenly or forcefully bent, the trauma could rupture the outer lining of one of the two cylinders (tunica albuginea). This could result in a penis fracture.

Rupture of the penis, could is also known as a penile fracture. It occurs when your erect penis (only erect) undergoes an external force than it could sustain, leading to a tear inside your penis. To understand where exactly the tear occurs, you must understand the basics, that is, the anatomy of a hard penis.

During erection, your penis has three cylindrical tubes inside it – two are corporeal bodies, the ones responsible for giving you a boner, while the third one is the urethra, from which you pass your urine. When you are sexually stimulated, the blood flows in the corporeal bodies and boosts them and they swell up like balloons. The body of these balloons is a tissue that can expand in length and width to allow for an erection.

How does it break?  When your penis is hard and erect and, let’s say, your girlfriend pounds it too hard or you touch her perineum, while thrusting, the pressure inside the two balloons goes up while the surrounding tissue may not be very supportive of your thrusting. This is how the rupture could occur. You may even damage your urethra, leading to a tear in it.

Is there a style of sex that could break Penis? The Lasuth nurse revealed that if a woman is on top’, doing cowgirl and pounds it hard, the Penis could break as both partners pound to trigger pleasure sensation.

What are the symptoms of Penis fracture? They are immediate penile pain, a popping or cracking sound, Rapid loss of erection,

Swelling in the penile shaft, discoloration of the penile shaft, owing to bleeding underneath the skin.

What do you do when your Penis breaks? Three days will be your limit to seek medical treatment for a ruptured penis. If you go for let’s-wait-and-see, it could lead to permanent damage to your penis and even erectile dysfunction or death. Ideally, you should visit a doctor as soon as you rupture your penis. After the doctor confirms the fracture, you will most likely need surgery to get the damage corrected.



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