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How To Stay Healthy With Fruits & Vegetables


Fruits and Vegetables are essential for our overall wellness. They are Nature's gift to us. They help to nourish our body adequately so we can enjoy a healthy and vibrant life.

Fruits and vegetables contain Vitamins (Vitamin A, C and E) Minerals, Phytochemicals and other Nutritional Compounds, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Folic acid, etc, that are beneficial for optimal vitality and wellness. Fruits and vegetables should be an important part of our daily diet because not only do they nourish our body, they also help build and protect our immune system against diseases that can cause health challenges.

They are different ways we can enjoy fruits and vegetables. They can be eaten raw, we can have them mixed as Salads, we can consume as Juice and also as Smoothies ie (blending different fruits together).




1)They are low in fat, salt and sugar.


2)They are a good source of dietary fibre. They help bowel movement which is important for digestive health.


3) They help to reduce Obesity and maintain a healthy weight.


4) They lower Cholesterol.


5) They help to lower blood Pressure


6) They nourish and protect the immune system against diseases. eg Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases etc.


Here are a few fruits and vegetables that can help nourish the body daily.


1.) Blueberries contain antioxidants e.g. Vitamin K1 which helps with blood clotting, Vitamin C and Manganese.


2) Bananas: They are rich in Potassium, Vitamin C and B6. They promote heart health, they help the brain to produce dopamine that can improve mood and also boost energy levels.


3) Cruciferous Vegetables: These include Broccoli, Cauliflower, etc… they contain Vitamins A, C, E Folate and Fiber… they can help protect against Cancer.


4) Leafy Green Vegetables: Spinach, Kale, Pumpkin etc. These contain Vitamin B and Calcium. They can lower Cholesterol, Improve bone health and prevent Colon Cancer. they help maintain body tissues.


5) Tomatoes:  Contains Lycopene as well as Vitamin A, C, K potassium and Folate which helps to improve heart health, Skin health and also prevent prostate enlargement/cancer.


6) Garlic: Helps to prevent and reduce the effects of colds, Improve blood pressure and cholesterol.


7) Ginger: contains ginger oil that has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger helps a host of problems including tummy upsets, muscle pain and soreness.it may help with Osteoarthritis, high blood sugar and heart disease risk factors.


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