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32 Dead, 60 Injured As Two Trains Collided In Cairo, Egypt

No fewer than 32 persons died and over 60 others injured when two trains collided in the city of Tahta in Sohag, Upper Egypt, on Friday.

The accident occurred after an air-conditioned bound from Luxor to Alexandria, collided with another passenger train that was bound from Aswan to Cairo, resulting in the derailing of two passenger carriages.

Some victims seemed unconscious while others could be seen bleeding.

Bystanders carried bodies and laid them out on the ground near the site.

The health ministry said in a statement that 32 people were killed and scores of others, injured.

At least 50 wounded were transferred to four nearby hospitals.

Egypt’s railway authority said the trains collided after emergency brakes were triggered by “unknown individuals” near the city of Sohag, about 500km (260 miles) south of the capital Cairo.

The brakes caused one of the trains to stop and the other to crash into it from behind, and the authority is conducting further investigations.

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi promised to punish those responsible for the deadly wreck

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