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6 Types Of Babes Guys Don’t Want To Say “I Do” To

There will always be this subject about guys not wanting to settle down. Truth is that, apart from the frightening economic situation in Naija presently, which has seriously damaged the pockets of hitherto potential husbands, a lot of guys are also finding it hard to find the right kind of woman that meets their expectations. Some women don’t just cut it for a lot of men. Below is a list of some of the types of women a lot of guys are scared to marry. Kindly go through it slowly and see if, by any chance, you fall into any of the categories.


*The Margaret Thatcher babe. This sort of women can be so bossy. They want to determine what you wear, how you talk to them and generally take charge of every single decision you have to take. As a matter of fact, these ones get so bossy even while in bed, having sex with you! They tell you where to touch on their body and where not to touch and even do you a Calendar indicating the days you can request for sex. No man wants a woman with that sort of attitude.


*The Flirt. This type of babes are everywhere. Just like women accuse men of forever being unfaithful to their women, this category of ladies too do just that. They jump from one guy to the other, and when you’re not looking, she’s already jumped into bed with him. For this sort of babes, they still want to catch some fun and perhaps make some extra money for themselves on the side. The motive for this is usually monetary. This will easily put most men off.


*The Nymphomaniac. Most men are scared of women in this category. Women who are Nymphos can be quite a tough nut to crack. You just cannot sexually satisfy them, no matter how hard you try or how many ‘rounds’ you go with her. She will keep asking for more. At first, it might seem like fun and you might get excited seeing that your babe just can’t seem to get enough of you. But after a while, you will certainly begin to run out of stamina and when you can no longer keep up with her appetite for sex, she goes looking for it elsewhere. How many men will be willing to marry such a woman?


*The Jealous Lover. They are another very difficult set of women to deal with. They are always distrusting you. They are always suspecting every move you make. You return home late after a very hectic day at work and spending hours in Lagos traffic, yet she suspects you’ve been with another woman. Just because she’s had a very nasty experience with men in the past, she concludes all men are the same and without realizing it, she’s making her current lover pay for the sins of another man and most men can’t put up with such pressure for long, that woman will have to go.


*The Lazy NFA. These ones are called the lazy No Future Ambition kind of babes. Al they want to do is seep, have great sex, eat, dress gorgeously and go hanging out with you. She’s not really thinking about realizing her own potentials, she’s not thinking about how she can become a self-sufficient woman, she’s okay depending on you for everything she wants. Even for her sanitary pads, you have to hand her money for it! And to make matters worse, she’s all over you, not giving you some space to breath. Certainly, this one too will have to go, definitely not wife material.


*The Mummy’s Muppet. This one too can be a pain in the neck for most men. Everything you discuss with her, she checks with her mum and gets her approval whether to go with your decision. She runs to her for answers and never takes a decision without her input. Only few men can stand this. She would have to get the red card as well.



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