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Following the alleged attempt to arrest acclaimed Yoruba freedom fighter, Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho, by Men of the Department of State Security (DSS), on Friday, February 26, 2021, along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. The social crusader has said that he is not afraid of arrest and he’s not running from anybody but maintained that he could only be arrested after the government must have arrested the bandits terrorizing the country.

In an exclusive interview with veteran media personality, Reuben Abati on his show, City Talks With Reuben Abati, on City FM 105.1, spoke in reaction to the alleged attack on him, while on his way for a scheduled meeting with Yoruba leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo.

Igboho, was allegedly attacked at Guru Maraj’s area in Ibadan. According to a 32 seconds video released online, Igboho was seen pulling off his shirt and been accompanied by some of his men, as he was walking back barefooted to his vehicle. Read excerpts from the interview.

Chief Igboho, how do you feel about the attempted arrest by the law enforcement agencies on Friday?

I am disappointed that I can be attacked by the so-called lawmakers without committing any offence by men of DSS who on the instruction of unknown authorities, attempted to prevent me to move around in Ibadan and beyond. But despite their effrontery to stop me, I managed to have my way to point of my scheduled meeting and even made some stops in Lagos and updated some of our leaders (Yoruba elders) in Lagos.

Where exactly where were you going before you were attacked?

I was actually going to see my father Baba Ayo Adebanjo in Lagos. I eventually got there and we discussed the issues and crisis bedeviling the southwest and how to fashion out modalities to save our tradition and history. Baba Adebanjo maintained that the best solution to the problem is true federalism and he resolved that Yoruba people should meet and have one voice and call for true federalism. After I left Baba Adebanjo, I went to see the Aare Ona Kakanfo and to pay homage and dutiful honor to him as our father. We did not talk much about the state of the nation but we shared some reflections on the need to have one voice.

Chief, the DSS have come out to disclaim the allegations that they attacked you. They said it was not the DSS but officers from the Nigeria Police Force. What can you say about this?

Sir, that is a lie. I saw those who attacked me and tried to carry me away. It was the DSS, the Nigerian Civil Defence and the Nigerian Army. There is no Policeman in the team. I saw the vans they came with, some of the vans are Operation Bust. They are DSS and they were very violent. I am even more disappointed that they are not brave enough to confess that they attacked me. What I want Nigerians to help me ask them is for them to tell me what my crime is. What have I done wrong? I have not killed anyone. I did not rob anyone. I am a law-abiding Nigerian who pays his tax and carries out all required duties expected of me as a Nigerian. I pay my dues regularly and I obey the law. What is my crime? Why do they want to get me killed? Because for them to have denied it means that they have a sinister motive. I am not a criminal and have not committed any crime. But I can tell you categorically that those who waylaid me were men of the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Civil Defence, and the DSS.

Chief Igboho, Nigerians want to know why you pulled off your shirt when the DSS as you claimed tried to arrest you.

Yes, I had to remove my shirt, one of the members of the security forces tried to pull me by my clothes and I removed it completely for him. I knew he believed that my cloth is fortified and getting me arrested may be difficult. So I just pulled off the cloth and left it for him. It was after I removed my cloth that they started shooting sporadically, but I was not moved, even the people with me were not moved.

They were members of DSS and I can prove it. We have our evidence. Let them come and deny it.

What I am fighting for is that there should peace in our land.

Chief, there were indications that Sheik Gumi in the north has been making provocative statements about getting amnesty for the bandits?

Please ask the Gumi what is our crime? these are the people killing us and raping our women and daughters. They are the ones kidnapping and collecting ransom, and you feel the best way is to keep sponsoring their crimes in the name of amnesty?  How can bandits and terrorists be negotiated with and will be given ransom, and we who are fighting for freedom and the safety of our people are attacked by the so-called security forces.

As the government is not responding to respond to the plight of victims, the citizens have the responsibility to take up the challenge and protest themselves against the killers who disguise themselves as fellow countrymen.

If Gumi and the people he represents can be holding meetings with the government, despite the much havoc they have committed, I find it very appalling that Sunday Igboho will be seen as the enemy of the state.

Will you be suing the government for the attack?

That is not my decision, it is the decision of Yoruba leaders. It is the leaders that will decide the matter, whether to go to court to challenge the violation of my dignity and my freedom of movement. This will serve as a litmus test to know how well they support me and my mission.

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