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5 Reasons It's Risky To Deny Your Man SEX!

Every now and then, little misunderstandings are bound to come up in our relationships and marriages as well. What will be most significant is how well we respond to these issues when they come up. What is important is for us to learn to be rational while dealing with problems that spring up in our relationships. While some people are careful enough to take quite sensible actions, others tend to do the unreasonable, such as denying your partner sex just because you’re not happy with him. Yes, some could argue that it has worked for them, but the fact remains that it will do more harm than good and the following are the reasons why.



This is a natural progression in a relationship or marriage where sex has been put on hold. Sex between couples breeds closeness and deep intimacy. It is not possible that a couple who had probably been acting cold to each other would finally, make love to each other and then begin to insult each other the moment they’re done having sex. The expectation is that by the time they’re done making love, all of the anger and bitterness they had bottled up for each other would simply melt away.



This will definitely happen if the coldness continues for too long and sex is no longer happening between both of you. Indeed, the moment you begin to starve your partner of sex, he begins to conclude that you probably no longer love him anymore and that is why sex between both of you means nothing to you. And this could be a very dangerous point to reach in a relationship.



Once you allow the situation to degenerate and you and your partner begin to go weeks or even months without sex, then you’re both likely to begin to resent each other. You may no longer be able to spend a minute in each other’s company. And if you’re not careful and wise enough to revert the situation and get back to the way things used to be between both of you, which has to start with a very intense sexual intimacy, then you guys may just find yourselves really beginning to hate each other. And that could spell doom for the relationship or marriage



Once you deprive a man for too long, chances are that he would look elsewhere for it. And if he becomes desperate, he could even start patronising prostitutes. Once a man starts to find solace in the arms of another woman outside his relationship or marriage, then there certainly will be fire on the mountain soon because he might just fall in love with the new woman and may want to make her a permanent feature in his life. Now, where would that leave you?

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