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How Primate AYODELE's Predicted Crash Of Military Aircraft & Death Of SHEKARAU

Two years ago when Primate Elijah Ayodele said that the notorious terrorist called Shekarau would be arrested or killed, not many, including this writer, believed him. Sure, many firmly and consistently believe in his prophecies but this particular one seemed difficult to accept. Many, including this writer, decided we should simply wait and see. At the beginning of this year, Ayodele made some prophetical statements which were noted. He said Dasuki, Alkali and Moses Jitoboh, these three officers in their time, will arrest or kill Shekarau. Last week when it was announced that Shekarau bombed himself to avoid being captured, I recalled Prophet Ayodele’s prophecy. I was stunned. Though many would readily agree that this outstanding prophet whose reputation as a true man of God has continued to soar, has made so many other astonishing prophetic statements that have led many to see him as one of the top prophets of our time who consistently churns out accurate prophecies that have come to pass. This is why some see him as too dogged, too focused and too outspoken because he says it the way it will happen, no beating around the bush, no permutations. Ayodele will give it to you straight and direct, without giving a hoot whose ox is gored.

Apart from this, I still recall that Ayodele said there would still be problems between Israel and Palestine and the Gaza stripes. When the issue between Israel and Palestine erupted, just the way the man of God predicted it, I was no longer surprised. This is because his prophecy of the widely followed American presidential elections is still fresh in my memory. The renowned prophet said emphatically without a shred of doubt in his mind, that Joe Biden would win the elections and it came to pass. Despite all of former president Trump’s arsenal, he was soundly defeated. Again, Ayodele also made a startling prophetic statement several months ago. He said Mahmud Gumi’s reconciliation committee will have problems because they will gang up against him, we can now see what is happening in the APC reconciliation team. Prophet Ayodele also added that if APC goes on to hold its annual convention before December it will bring about a major crack in the party. Meanwhile, many will also still remember that when Oshiomhole was the chairman of APC, it was only Ayodele who said very clearly, without mincing his words, that Oshiomhole will not finish his term as Chairman and like a dream, we all witnessed this happen right before our very eyes.

He had earlier warned Oshiomhole repeatedly that he should not fight Godwin Obaseki, that Obaseki is God’s chosen. Back then when the Primate made this pronouncement last year, this writer, like many others too, looked at both Obaseki and Oshiomhole and wondered how this prophecy could possibly happen. And yet, it came to pass, even far beyond human comprehension because Oshiomhole was kicked out of the party as though he was an ordinary floor member. Everyone was shocked at the outcome of Ayodele’s prophecy.

The ever-consistent Primate also warned that there will be series of gas explosions, and indeed, we have witnessed a couple of gas explosion incidents already both happening in Abeokuta. Ayodele also included pipeline explosions, saying we must pray to avert a major pipeline explosion incident. In the same vein, this man of God alerted Nigerians in an interview just weeks ago (published in City People) that we should pray against the fatal crash of a military aircraft and this, too, unfortunately, just came to pass.

Only recently, a week before the FA Cup final clash between Chelsea and Leicester City, Ayodele had warned that Chelsea will mismanage its opportunity and will not get the trophy and, sadly, for Chelsea, this came to pass. It is worthy of note to say that, Ayodele has been recognised both internationally and locally as the most accurate prophet of this century. And indeed, with all that we have gathered in our archives, Ayodele’s prophecies rarely go off target. And this is a proven fact. Many can’t forget in a hurry how Ayodele begged and warned PDP not to use Atiku as its presidential flag bearer if they really wanted to win the presidential elections but they failed to listen and they lost the elections and he also warned us about what will happen in Buhari’s government, especially in terms of insecurity challenges and economic hardship and all of these are happening already.      

Let us look at the recent defection of governor Ben Ayade. Ayodele had specifically warned Ayade not to leave PDP , but now the Cross River State Governor has decamped to APC. You can be sure this will not be the last we will hear of the Ben Ayade defection. In this interview with the enigmatic man of God who has steadily become the most talked-about Prophet in the country, City People’s Senior Editor, WALE LAWAL (08037209290), had visited the prophet at his magnificent Alfa Nla Church in Lagos but met his absence. The prophet was reached via phone and was asked to react to the rumoured death of Shekarau to give a final confirmation as to whether he is dead or not. But the moment the name Shekarau was mentioned, Ayodele, in his usually deep and assured voice said, “calm down, calm down, listen to me. The God in me is higher than the might and power of the military, He’s higher than every Security Intelligence.” Ayodele, who has consistently warned Nigerians about a coalition of terrorists coming to take over in Nigeria about 6 to 8 months ago, said that.”I warned Nigerians that a terrorist group is coming that will take over Nigeria. These groups will come from Burkina Faso, Libya, to form a coalition to fight Nigeria. These are the people I was talking about and now it has come to pass. But another terrible terrorist is still coming which is more powerful than ISWAP. Boko Haram will soon go into extinction. This new terrorist group will be very terrible and deadly. There will be bombings in the market. Ethnic and religious crises are imminent and government must be wary of this”. 

Primate Ayodele is his usual emphatic and confident posture declared Shekarau dead. He added that Nigeria’s military should be up and doing because they are now fighting real terrorists because according to the man of God, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, they are all already in Nigeria. The Primate went on to warn these ten states of unexpected attacks, bombings and incessant killings that may be unleashed on them at the time they least expect. The states are Plateau, Adamawa, Benue, Katsina, Maiduguri, Kaduna, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Anambra, Lagos, Abuja, Ondo, Ekiti, and Oyo State. He warned that these states must be very careful because there is a warning signal that is ahead so that there won’t be unexpected attacks on the aforementioned states. Ayodele in his new prophecy which says that he will be going for 50 days fasting and prayers because of his book titled ‘Warning To The Nations’ any moment from now and that he’s going to do it between Badagry and the Benin Republic, said that, “listen, another governor is going to leave PDP. Mark my words, Zamfara governor is going and another governor in the eastern part. PDP should wake up and do a very powerful reconciliation if they want to retain these governors because two governors are preparing to leave, one from the north and the other from the eastern part of the country.” Ayodele also said that PDP should rally round the Bukola Saraki Reconciliation Committee because this Saraki led Committee will help PDP to survive. The extremely popular and respected man of God warns that APC will suffer a major setback if they fail to manage their internal wranglings properly. And again, Ayodele repeated his earlier prophecy, insisting that a governor will be attacked. He had said in the earlier part of the year that the Bauchi State Governor and a couple of other states should be watchful. He mentioned Bauchi, Borno, Yobe and a few other places that will be attacked. It will be recalled that the Primate had also warned of robbery in the Villa, and revealed that the Villa will be attacked. And this has happened. He said “there are some serious internal grumblings in the Villa that will be exposed. The Villa needs serious cleansing, otherwise, the unexpected will happen in the Villa. There are some hidden terrible things in the Villa that will be exposed soon.” The Primate warns the authorities in the Villa that they must be very careful because there are things that will happen in the Villa and the days of such things are numbered.

Looking back with hindsight on the many prophecies of Primate Ayodele that has come to pass, it will be foolish of anyone to further ignore his prophetic statements.  It was this same Prophet Ayodele who warned the Ghanaian President of his health, and also warned late President John Magufuli of Tanzania of his failing health before he passed on. Ayodele has also warned the Cameroonian President, Ghanaian president, Benin Republic President of their health and asked them to be very watchful of their health condition from now on. The ever accurate prophet has reiterated again his warning that we should pray hard so we do not see the death of a sitting president. The prophet who had warned about problems in First Bank also warned the following banks of possible imminent crisis; they are Gtbank, Zenith Bank, Unity Bank, Ecobank and WEMA Bank. There will be trouble in these banks and these troubles will make the banks to be economically unhealthy. The man of God has also warned the CBN of explosives going off inside the CBN. He added that there will be challenges for the Senate President and that there should be prayers so we do not witness the death of a senator and a member of the House of Reps. The Speaker of the House of Representatives must also be very careful so that there won’t be any trouble.

The last phase of the Covid-19 will come up in Nigeria and Africa so we have to very careful about this. Going back to politics, Saraki, Tambuwal, Wike and Atiku will be embroiled in a major crisis and this crisis may consume the party so they must all tread with caution. In Anambra State, for the primaries, Soludo may scale through. Dr. Obiora Okonkwo may scale through in PDP. The battle is between Chris Ingige, Okonkwo and Senator Uche Ekwunife. For APC, they stand no chance in Anambra State, except they want to rig it. In APC, Buhari boys, Tinubu boys and the stakeholders in APC will also have so many issues because of their personal and individual interests. So, Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb that’s only waiting to explode because, as we speak, we do not have any direction. Nigeria is shaking. Anarchy, confusion will engulf this government if they refuse to do the needful things by engaging in serious prayers to prevent anarchy and troubles. Lots of police officers will be attacked, and a major police station will be shut down. IPOB, ESN, will cause a lot of problems. The Nigerian government must find a solution to insecurity because very, very tough times are coming ahead.

Finally, heads will roll in CBN and NNPC because of some sensitive issues that will arise. CBN in particular may face difficult times because of its inability to pay workers salaries. Some states will sack some of their workers. Some doctors will go on strike, NLC and the government will not find it easy. Many will still remember that Primate Ayodele had already revealed that NLC and some state governors will have a face-off which already happening between Waaba and El-Rufai.

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