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Why Every Household In Nigeria Needs Kamo Electric Socket – Mr Adisa Lawal, MD LAKMOS Electrical Ent.

Kamo Electric Socket is one of the most reliable sockets any household can bank on in Nigeria as we speak today. The reason is not farfetched; Kamo Electric Socket is a Nigerian product made for Nigerians and by Nigerians with the standard of the Nigerian electricity at heart while producing it. Many households spend some fortune on electric sockets today simply because most of the imported sockets are not durable and reliable. But with Kamo Electric Socket, testimonies from customers have shown that it is indeed what every household should get.

A few weeks ago, INFO ONLINE NEWS (08155134152) had an interview with Mr Kamoru Adisa Lawal, the Managing Director of LAKMOS Electrical Enterprises, the producers Kamo extension sockets with the use of Nigerian Cables.

Yes, Nigerian cables because the country has one of the most reliable and durable electrical cables worldwide. Today, if you visit Jendor Superstores, Justrite and some other top electronic shops, you will find this product not just displayed for sale but also in use. Our findings revealed that these sockets prevent electric surges as well as fire outbreaks to a large extent.

Kamo according to him is available in major stores across Lagos and can also be ordered online via Jiji, Konga and other top online stores.

In this interview, Mr Kamoru explained how he got the inspiration to start, what Kamo Electric Socket has become and where he intends to take the brand in the near future.

Below are excerpts from the interview, enjoy.


What's the difference between the Kamo extension socket and other sockets that we have out there?

The difference between Kamo extension and other products are innumerable but let me highlight a few here. One, Kamo extension is made in Nigeria. The reason it's different is that in Nigeria, our current is 220 while in other white countries they are using 110 or 100. Most of the extensions we are using are foreign-made extensions. There's no way what they produce in foreign countries will last long here because they produce according to the current requirement in their country. So by the time it gets to Nigeria here, we use 220 for 110 voltage sockets that's why they get burnt. We now discovered that this thing is getting our people worried. When you buy a socket, it gets burnt within 3 months. That's why we came up with this product. So in terms of longevity, in terms of durability and in terms of quality, our extension socket is unique. This is because we use the Nigerian cable to produce it. There's nothing you can't use with it. You can plug your refrigerator, your air conditioner, your microwave and any other things with it. It has its own fuse and breakers that prevent it from getting spoilt easily. Also, our product is backed by one year guarantee. So even if you have complaints bring them to us and we will rectify them.

Where can we get this product?

Kamo is almost everywhere in Lagos. Let me state the major dealers of our product. Firstly, Justrite, Jendor, shop n' carry and all their branches. All the branches of Buy More, The Place, Bazaar, Adebowale Mall, you can also get it at Key Point Electronics, all the Smartek branches, Mega plaza in Lekki, Blendco in Lekki and all their branches. It’s available in all the places where quality products are displayed and sold.


 How long have you been in this business?

We have been in this business for over 8 years and since then God is helping us and we are moving on.


How did you come about Kamo electronic socket 8 years ago?

I am always pleased to talk about the Kamo extension socket because it's a gift from God. I have been in the field of electrical appliances for over 40 years. I never thought of making extension sockets. I have always been doing electrification, housing projects, lines connections, transformers and so on. I am a member of Christ Gospel Apostolic Church (CGAC), Egbeda branch under Pastor AGS Adewole. During one of our annual revivals called El Shaddai Jubilee revival, God said he wanted to make 10 people directors, manufacturers. Then I believe there is nothing God cannot do. So after seven days of the revival, I slept and God revealed to me in my dream that He wanted to bless me. I saw myself on a greenfield like a stadium that I couldn't see the four corners of the field. I looked right, left, front and back. I couldn't see the edge of the stadium. God said that's how I want to bless you. When I woke up, I now took a step. I didn't even tell my pastor about the dream. The following Sunday then the pastor said if God revealed anything to you, do it because God is not playing with anybody. Hearing this geared me up so I decided to take a bold step of faith by bringing the idea into reality.

After making the first sample, I showed my daughter and she said I don't think people can buy this. I tested it in my house. It was very powerful therefore I did two pieces. Then I took one to a trader I usually buy my materials from and he said this thing is good Oga. “If you do many of am, people go buy am o”. He said it's viable that even two customers are fighting to buy it. I was surprised. I couldn't believe it. I now raised capital to produce 50 pieces. I took them to church and told the pastor to help me bless it because I got the inspiration under his ministration. That day, none of the sockets went home with me, everything was bought by our church members.

I started this business with 1500 Naira and today by God's doing and His manifestation, where I am is beyond my imagination.


What can you say about the future of the Kamo electric socket?

It has a great future. With the way it's going I can see a bright future. It is certain that we are just at the first face. By the time we are fully established, we will most likely become a multinational outfit.


Apart from the Kamo electric sockets, what else do you do?

We are majorly an electrical outfit, we do a lot of projects if you build a house we can do the wiring for you without any problem. We do rural electrification for areas that are not connected to electricity. We do lines connections, we erect transformers. We do anything and everything electrical.


Tell us some of the major projects you have handled?

When the Imo International Airport got burnt 3 years ago due to poor electrification, the head of electrical called about five of us who are experts in the electrical field for an interview. Through the interview at the head office in Lagos, they developed an interest in me and gave me the contract. By the time we finished the job, we did a perfect job that those who came around were satisfied. Even the governor of the state at that time promised to give us more jobs. It was Gov. Emeka Ihedioha that came to commission the Airport then. We have done a lot but that's just one out of them.


How easy has it been running this business for 8 years in this kind of economy?

It has not really been easy but God has been faithful. It's God that gave me the guidelines because in the first case, people wondered how we will cope in this business. I don't have prior training in production neither do I have the knowledge on how to run a business, let alone combining the two together. What I learnt was how to get the job and execute it. And there's a big difference between getting contracts and doing production. So it's God that gave me the wisdom. My long practice of keeping records of the things I bought helped me a lot in the business. I learnt to keep records of any expenses made and that helps me a lot. I must say here that the environment is not encouraging for small and medium scale businesses and that’s why many startups are folding up every time. The government should be able to assist promising businesses with loan facilities with an easy payment plan and less burdensome interest rates.


How acceptable has this product been from customers?

People love it so much. The testimony I always hear from users gives me joy and encourages me to do more. We have a way of getting feedback from our customers, we have blended well, they have given us great ideas too that we have worked on but above all, we have received more accolades and zero criticism so far.

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