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Your Man Has A Cute Female Bestie? 5 Reasons You Should Be Very Worried


It is commonplace to find ladies telling anyone who cares to listen that they have a bestie. As a matter of fact, they flaunt their besties and spend time in each other’s companies. They often hang out together, share secrets, share joy and pain together as well. So, we have all come to accept that it’s their way of life. But when you see a man with a female bestie and not a male, eyebrows are often raised. They tell everyone who cares to ask that they’re just friends but few believe them. People ask questions and seek to know the foundation of their relationship. If you’re a lady and your man has a female bestie, here are 5 reasons why you should be very wary of their relationship.

*You will always be up against your guy’s bestie, fighting for space in his heart and in his life. If the bestie is unattached and without a boyfriend, that means she’ll always have time to spend with your man. And that could bring problems for you.

*You will always be in competition with her, especially if she’s an attractive looking lady. You will continue to find yourself trying ceaselessly to match her gorgeous look or possibly surpass her just so that you don’t give your man room to lust after her. He could start wishing she were his babe and not you.

*You will constantly be suspecting your man of possibly dating his bestie. Every time you see them together, you will feel the rage inside you. Each time you complain he says they’re just friends and nothing more. But that’s not what it looks like to you. The problem is, as you continue to raise your suspicion, you and your man start to argue and fight. If you’re not careful, these constant fights and arguments could lead to your break-up.

*If she’s a trouble maker who enjoys getting under your skin and getting you all worked up by making you feel threatened and jealous, then you’re in for a rough time. Once she knows you’re always uncomfortable seeing her with your man, she’ll simply continue to taunt you just to upset you and make you feel unhappy.

*Like it or not, there’s always the chance your man and his bestie could end up as lovers, especially if that’s what the bestie secretly desires. For all you know, they may even have been lovers before you came into the picture. They had probably agreed to break up and remain friends, but you know what they say about old flames, they just never die that easily. Your man’s bestie may want something and if your man is not careful enough, sooner or later, he will have no other choice but to give her what she wants.

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