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How TOS Funerals Kept T.B. JOSHUA's Body For 30 Days


The world was thrown into shock when the news of TB Joshua’s death was announced a few weeks ago. There were disbelief everywhere until the news was officially announced by the church (Synagogue Church of All Nations).

Many Nigerians were wondering where the body was kept and how people would want to get to see the corpse, the family of TB Joshua took the best step and deposit the body in an undisclosed mortuary to avoid an avalanche of visits to see the late man of God. The location of the body was not disclosed until the day when his body was brought to the church for his lying-in-state.

City People has scooped exclusive information about which company, TB Joshua’s body was entrusted for the period of 30 days before burial.

Let’s tell you for free that the body was preserved by TOS Funerals.

More than services alone, TOS Funerals strives to build relationships based on integrity, experience, value and trust. It also aims to instil a high level of professionalism into the funeral industry in Nigeria, providing and maintaining world-class standards in mortuary services.  All TOS products meet the most stringent quality standards and this is not merely by chance, but rather the result of the company’s years of experience.

Do you know that unlike every other funeral company in Nigeria, TOS Funeral is the only company that do not dance with the corpse casket? The company believes that the family are grieving and should be allowed to bury their lost loved ones in coordination and respect. City People spoke with one of the top staff and he gave insight on how TB Joshua’s body was cared for in the last 30 days before his internment.

He said; “We all heard about the terrible news on 5th of June, but I personally never knew our company will be contacted to keep the body in our care. The body arrived on June 6, 2021.” He said.

When asked if there were people who came to inquire or check the body at their company, he said his company respects the confidentiality of their customers and will not allow anyone to get in or check the body they are not the registered custodian who possesses the receipt or access to evacuate the body at the due date.

He was also asked if there were apprehension as to the possibility of TB Joshua coming back to life, and he said he cannot determine the spiritual mysteries. “Yes, we heard news everywhere that he has risen, but we did not dignify the rumours because we know the body is in our care. We know it’s just one of the many rumours about the man, but as far as we are concerned there was no apprehension. We cannot determine spiritual mysteries and we cannot undermine what God can do.

But if we reason like men, we assure that once the process of embalmment has started, the chances of resuscitation is very slim. “The body has been at our company ever since until we brought in the body in a transparent casket on Thursday. We used two caskets: the first was the transparent one that was used for his lying in state and the pure white was used for the internment proper.” He said

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