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Why Primate Ayodele Is A Prophet You Can’t Rubbish

One of the things that stand this enigmatic prophet out from the rest is the fact that he makes his prophecies well ahead of time. He could speak like seven months or sometimes a year before the prophecy ever comes to pass. While others wait till things begin to take place before making prophecies, Primate Ayodele speaks long before the events happen.

For instance, nobody saw it coming that the Taliban will ever take over Afghanistan, like they have done now, but Primate saw this coming and revealed many months ago that this will happen and it has happened. According to Primate Taliban matter is a lesson to all governments, especially in Africa because another terrorist group is coming up and they will use Africa as a base.  

The Zambia elections which took place recently is another good example of how Primate Ayodele speaks well ahead of events long before they take place. He had said many months before the election took place that the Zambian president would not have a grip on his people and the opposition would trouble him. He also said the president would not be popular anymore and that he would be voted out.

The gang up against Mai Mala Buni, the National Caretaker Committee of the APC is also another pointer to the fact that Primate Ayodele is truly gifted with the ability to see what others cannot see. He had warned Buni the moment he assumed office to be very careful, that that they will gang up against him and frustrate his political aspiration. The man of            God added then that with Buni as the Chairman, the party will be divided into two. There are those who do not want him there.

Ayodele was one of those who promptly warned Tinubu about his ambition and his health. He was the very first to warn him of the danger ahead.

Ayodele, it will be recalled, was the one who warned Nigerians of the Southern Kaduna crisis.

He also foretold that there would be a security alert in Plateau State. Just a few days ago, about 21 Islamic sect members were killed by militants, regardless of whether they were Christians or Muslims. Ayodele had long revealed that there would be a major killing of both Christians and Muslims, which has also come to pass.

The death of the former deputy senate president, Ibrahim Mantu, was also prophesied by Ayodele.

The severe attacks by bandits in Zamfara, Ayodele also prophesied long before it happened.

The recent death of one of the members of the House of Representatives, Ayodele had specifically had warned in July that not all the honourable would finish their terms

Primate Ayodele had also warned that the price of petrol would be increased and the price of diesel would shoot to N260. Today, diesel is N290.

In 2019, he was the first prophet in Nigeria to reveal that dollar would be sold for N500 and everyone witnessed the fact that the dollar was indeed sold for N500.

The bridge collapse that killed about 21 soldiers, Primate Ayodele foretold this incident. He specifically warned that we should pray against bridge collapse and sadly, it eventually happened.

Many will also remember that the primate had warned Nigerians and the federal government that doctors would go on strike and that government should engage the doctors quickly and look into  their agitations but they chose not to listen. And also, about 5 months ago, he talked about the increase in the price of cooking gas.

He is still insisting that petrol would soon shoot up to about N230 or N250 and diesel will go up to N300.

Ayodele had also warned those living in the Villa to be careful so that they would not fall victims of kidnap. Though none of them has been directly kidnapped, the son of an aide of one of the senior staff was kidnapped.

Now, it is all over the news that in 6 months time, NNPC would be scrapped. But many do not know that Primate Ayodele had since foretold that NNPC will be privatized.

Ayodele who had also repeatedly said that neither Ighoho nor Nnamdi Kanu would actualize the agitation of either the Yoruba of Biafra, specifically warned Ighoho to be careful how he goes about his agitation so he does not get into trouble, the result is what we’re seeing now.

The man of God, it would be recalled, had told the media to pray against losing a broadcaster, sadly, the media lost a broadcaster/journalist.

Apart from these, Ayodele has consistently warned of an impending economic hardship coming upon the land, and we are experiencing that right now.

There is no doubt that Primate Ayodele is fast becoming a recognized prophet globally. His name is trending beyond these shores. In Turkey, for instance, he foretold about the flooding that has happened there. It would be recalled that he warned that there will be serious flooding in different parts of Europe and specifically mentioned Germany. The flooding in Southern Sudan has also proven another fulfilment of his prophecy.

He also prophesied the kidnap of the Haitian president. Ayodele had requested that the world should pray for the Haiti president so he does not lose his life. He went on to add that we should pray against the death or assassination of a president.

This man of God had also stated clearly some landmark prophecies. He said, firstly, if only Andy Ubah can be a bit more serious with his aspirations to become the next governor of Anambra State. He added that if he’s not serious enough to do the needful, the man should forget about becoming governor, APGA will upstage him and take the victory.

And he has also said that APC will only win the elections through rigging. They will use everything at their disposal to scuttle the results and get in by rigging. The APC will use also the court to destabilize things and will also attempt to use the office of the Attorney General to cause discrepancies in the elections. Ayodele has warned APGA to wake up and also Ifeanyi Ubah, warning them that if indeed they want to win the election, they should go through the right way.

Many will remember that Ayodele had consistently warned that if the government and the military are not watchful enough and serious about fighting banditry and terrorism, the bandits terrorizing the country will soon become another set of terrorists that will soon put the country under tremendous pressure.

The Primate also foretold that the international community will trouble Buhari’s government. He added that if the APC continues the way they are going, they will not win the 2023 election.

Months ago, the man of God warned the PDP against trying to unseat Wike and that they should be very careful, otherwise, they will create another problem for themselves and APC will remain in government beyond 2023 if they do not put their house in order.

Ayodele has consistently warned that there will be more crises in APC, that the APC would crack soon and he warned them not to hold their convention now. He also said Nigerians should pray so that no governor should be attacked again.

The Primate has been telling anyone who cares to listen long ago that if the world leaders do not take these Taliban attacks serious, another set of terrorists will come from this Taliban and it will affect Africa.

In his usual unassuming manner, the man of God spoke about the Kenyan elections, that opposition leader, Raila Odinga must not rely on his past glory if he wants to be Kenya’s president, and that he should work on the northern parts of the country, that that’s what will give him victory. He added that Dr. William Ruto will become the next president if Odinga is not careful and that no Uhuru Kenyatta’s candidate will win this election. In fact, he said specifically that anybody Uhuru supports will not win this election.

As for the NURTWN, Primate Ayodele has warned that there will be problems and Mc Oluomo should be careful because they will blackmail him.

Ayodele who has already revealed that a top politician will die in Lagos, warned the Lagos House of Assembly to pray against rowdy sessions and the death of a member. He also said a new leader will take over APC in Lagos state and there will be trouble towards Sanwo-Olu’s second term.

In Ekiti and Osun, APC must strategize so well so that there won’t be discrepancies in the party because of Oyetola’s second term. They must be careful how they go about this so that the party must be intact. As for Fayemi, he must be very tactical and firm to bring forward a worthy successor and popular candidate. If he does not put forward a popular candidate, PDP will seize the opportunity. And he must respect the rotational system of governance in the state because the state is known to be a very volatile place when it comes to elections, just like Anambra State.

He also asked Nigerians to pray against death in the Villa. He warned the Vice President that northerners would try to rubbish him and asked him to pray so he can be more relevant politically.

Ayodele who also foretold that Messi will leave Barcelona has said that Nigeria will not win the nations cup if they do not prepare well enough for it but said Nigeria will qualify for the world cup. He had also warned that Nigeria’s participation at the Olympics will be a waste of time as they will not bring medals to the country.  

Aso Savings loans will have challenges. They will run into bad debts that will affect them. For Abbey Mortgage Bank will go through some transformations and become a commercial bank. They should pray not to lose any of their directors.

Federal Mortgage Bank will be exposed to danger and there will be an indictment against the MD of the bank.

There will be an unexpected crisis at Wema Bank. And many of the new banks that are just coming up will not last. GTbank, Standard Chartered Bank, City Bank, they must be very careful so they do not start a project that will jeopardize their operations and consume their profits.

Nigeria will still continue to face economic hardship because our economy has not improved yet.      The following countries should be careful in Africa as a result of unexpected attacks. Countries like Mali, Chad, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Somalia. In Nigeria, states like Plateau, Benue, Adamawa, Nassaraw, Kogi. Ekiti, Ondo, Borno, Bauchi, Maiduguri, Gombe, Taraba, Yobe, must be very careful of their security so there won’t be issues.

Dangote Refineries will have problems. They need serious prayers before taking off with their operations.

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