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Apostle REMI AWODE's Staff Organise Classy 58th Birthday For Him

Every September 7 is always special at Chemstar Group of Companies, the makers of Finecoat paints for one important reason. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Apostle Dr Aderemi Emmanuel Awode, celebrates his birthday on this date. On Tuesday, September 7, 2021, Dr Awode held his 58th birthday celebration inside the Chemstar Industries Facility. It was remarkable, indeed, as family members, friends, loved ones, Chemstar's staffers, distributors and business partners all gathered to celebrate this great business icon and a  remarkable chemist.

This active, hale and hearty young man was full of gratitude to God. He noted that all the blessings of God cannot be swept under the carpet, particularly, sound health. Dr Awode, who looks quite younger than his age, does not have any grey hair on his head despite going through the stress of running his company, church and family at the same time.

Apostle Dr Remi Awode is not just a businessman; he is also a man of God who has made a great impact on his generation. He is an Apostle at the Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church, Divine Blessing Cathedral, Lagos. He is a graduate of Chemistry from The Polytechnic, Ibadan. As a creative and talented chemist, with a peculiar passion for paints, Awode has worked extensively, locally and internationally in the areas of building paints, industrial coatings, marine coatings, automotive paints, and wood finishes.

He demonstrated his outstanding performance while he was a Senior Chemist at the International Paints for West Africa (IPWA.) Awode has immensely contributed to the meaningful development of the Real Sector of the Nigerian economy. He has developed problem-solving paints and allied products, in addition to providing gainful employment to large staff numbers.  He is widely travelled and married with children.

DAMILARE SALAMI, 08155134152 and Senior Photojournalist, Abdulrasheed Sanni covered the event, which held at the Finecoat Paints Complex in Lagos. Below are excerpts from all that took place there, enjoy.



The day started normally for Dr Remi Emmanuel Awode on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Although it is a norm that he celebrates his birthday every year, but this time round unknown to him, his management and staff have planned something big. He arrived his workplace that morning in his brand new 2021 Range Rover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), but instead of resuming at his office, he was surprised that he was driven down to the event hall, where the morning prayers were scheduled to take place before the main party.



Senior Special Apostle Awode is known to be a very simple man and this is mostly manifested in his dressing on his birthday. He was dressed, in a navy blue material. Although the dress looked so simple, it was an expensive material. One thing very noticeable too was his pair of shoes. It was so blinging and appeared to be out of this world. Apostle Awode is a man of quality; therefore, everything about his attire on his big day was of high quality.



Many people would have thought that a special band had been invited to perform that morning. Alas! The band was a combination of staff members, who formed the Chemstar Choir. They are so good and sang all genres of music. The choir rendered soul lifting worship songs as well as danceable high praise jazz that left the whole auditorium shaking. All these were done to thank God on behalf of the Chairman, who has touched a lot of lives in his 58 impactful life.



On getting to the podium, one thing was very conspicuous, it was the cake. It was a three-step product-designed cake. Three different products from Chemstar were designed to make the boss’ birthday cake. On top was a 4-litre paint design, in the middle was a titan dioxide-like paint design, while at the base was a drum design of its shield paint. The cake designer must have put in a lot of effort in ensuring that the designs were well crafted.



The opening session of the event was anchored by one of the Chemstar Groups Executive Directors, Dr Tunde Olaniya. He joined the Chemstar Group 14 years ago and has grown to become a management staffer within that space of time. He may not be a professional compere, but he has all it takes to become one if he decides to take compering up as a career. He did so well and ensured that the time was well managed without boring anyone.


This company is surely blessed with men of timbre and calibre. They are not just professionals, they could equally fit into different places as well. The Group Managing Director of Chemstar Group of Companies, Mr Adedayo Paseda, is also a pastor at the Living Faith Church. Little wonder the chairman referred to him as a covenant. He took a short exhortation before saying a round of prayers for his chairman as he marked the beginning of a new year.

Talking about his Chairman, Pastor Paseda revealed that Dr Awode was an extremely generous and compassionate man. He has allowed so many benefits for his members of staff on compassionate grounds even when they are undeserving of them. He is a leader who empowers his followers and has secured so many families financially. He also noted that Dr Awode is one of the few Nigerians, who always appoint non-family members as directors among his management staff.



While delivering his birthday speech, the Chairman of Chemstar Groups, Apostle Remi Awode, revealed that the company that became a major player in the Nigerian paints industry today started in a room apartment in Ogba, Lagos 26 years ago. He revealed that what started by mixing up different chemicals has become a the super-standard outfit that has over 1000 direct staff and more indirect employees.

“While people were suffering and languishing especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff were at home receiving their salaries. This is because this company is not just a business outfit, but an assignment.

“I wasn’t to thank God for keeping me for these 58 years. When we were asked to shout 58 hallelujahs and it took such a long time, then I realized that God has kept me for so long. I also want to implore those of our workers, who are sitting on the fence to please come into the folk.

“I am a very healthy person, every part of my body is working fine and as you can see, there is no grey hair on my head. It is due to God’s faithfulness and I appreciate Him. If I say I should keep talking, we may not leave here today, thanks for coming”; he concluded.



The Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Mr Olufolarin, was to take the toast. All staff members and guests were ready for the toast only for us to observe that there was a little delay. The cause of the delay was simple, there were too many bottles of exotic wines to be opened. On counting them, they were the exact number of the chairman’s age, 58. After opening the bottles, Mr Olufolarin toasted to a richer, healthier, longer and better life for his chairman and CEO, Dr Awode.



One of the special guests at the event was Mrs Yemisi Olujobi, one of the younger siblings of Apostle Awode. She came alongside some of her friends to celebrate her elder brother. Mrs Olujobi was also spotted at different places, making sure that things went as planned. Let’s also quickly tell you that Mrs Olujobi is a pretty woman.



At the grand reception of the event, there was more fun than you could ever imagine. It was a proper owambe with plenty of food and drinks. But beyond these, there was also maximum entertainment and beautiful tungba for the lovers of music. Fast-rising star, Queen Madiva, came with her full band. While she was still performing, popular Juju singer, Mega 99 stormed the venue and not too long afterwards, another gospel singer, Aduke Gold also came in. These three musicians are all friends and so, it was easy for them to accommodate one another. They all performed to the satisfaction of guests. Why did all these three musicians come? The reason was simple, Apostle Awode is not just a lover of music, he supports so many of the artistes and these three came as a way of saying thank you to the man, who has stood by them for so many years.



One of the notable corporate parastatals that stormed the event was the Lagos State Pilgrims Board. They came in their numbers to appreciate Apostle Awode for his supports for Christian Pilgrims in Lagos. While delivering their gift, they revealed that the Apostle is one of the biggest supporters of the board and that he sponsors scores of people annually to Jerusalem.



When you talk of dazzling beauty, one name that would come to mind, at first sight, is Funmi Taylor. She is such a beauty to behold. She also made a statement on the stage when she was dancing and spraying the birthday boy with Naira. Funmi Taylor is, indeed, a party rocker. She is a great dancer and she added glamour to the event.



Popular broadcaster, Mr Yemi Sonde, was one of the people who heaped accolades on Apostle Awode at 58. While speaking at the event, Mr Sonde revealed that Apostle Awode was a major pillar of support for him in life, particularly when he was serving as the president of the Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria.

“Special Senior Apostle Remi Awode and I have come a long way. He has been a very strong supporter of the Yemi Sonde brand and he is still one till today. Apostle Awode is my elder brother, but beyond that, he is a great benefactor. He has a way of spotting talents and bringing them to the limelight.

“I remember when I was running my programme on the radio, Apostle Awode just told me to keep talking about Finecoat paints and before you know it, he has paid a huge sum of money. Many people were talking about how successful I was as a former president of FIBAN but they didn’t know that special Apostle Awode was the secret of my success,” he said.

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