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BBNAIJA S6: Boma's Team Defends Him Over Relationship With Tega

The social media team of Boma Akpore, BBNaija season six housemate, has defended him against criticisms over his relationship with Tega, his colleague on the show. 

The spotlight had beamed on the 34-year-old mixologist recently after a viral clip of him kissing Tega passionately surfaced online.

His action did not sit well with many fans of the show who wondered why he would indulge in such act with a married woman.

But reacting in a statement via his Instagram page on Thursday, Boma’s team hit back at those criticising him over the incident, describing such backlash as uncalled for.

The statement said like every human being, the model has made mistakes and is not perfect. It added that people should not use the incident as the yardstick for judging him.

“The last few days have been trying for us, as we’ve seen people relentlessly attack Boma. He’s been called a number of things and falsely accused of other things,” it read.

“What we can say is we know Boma – a number of our followers here know him personally too and they can attest to the fact that he is a kindhearted and good-natured guy who weighs every decision and action before making them, especially if they impact another person.

“That’s not to say that he is perfect – like every single human out there, he has made mistakes. But we ask that you don’t rush to judgment or quick criticism.

“For those condemning and cursing him in the DMs and comments, we ask that you take a step back and remove the speck from your eyes before condemning and insulting a man just trying to make his mark. Television amplifies everything so it’s easy to see only the negative and miss all the positives.”

In a follow-up statement, Boma’s team also dismissed reports in some quarters that the reality TV star allegedly made “disparaging remarks” about Tega during a conversation with Pere.

“Our attention has been drawn to blogs and persons posting vilifying, unconfirmed and false stories about Boma. We try to keep only positive vibes here – but it is important that we clear the air once and for all,” it added.

“Regarding the false report about Boma’s conversation with Pere, it is important to note that it never happened. Pere made those remarks as part of a truth-or-dare game to throw Boma off his game.

“At no point did Boma speak to Pere and make disparaging remarks about Tega. Unfortunately, the comment from the game was taken out of context and people believe it to be the truth. It is not.”

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