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What Gov Sanwo-Olu Is Doing To Improve The Entertainment Industry In Lagos

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021 marked the beginning of a new era in the entertainment industry as the Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board (LSFVCB) hosted the stakeholders in the motion picture industry as they brainstormed on how to better the industry.

The event was well attended by the who is who in the entertainment industry also had the Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Pharm Mrs Uzamat Akinbile-Yusuf delivering a keynote address.


Her paper amongst many other things revealed what Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu is doing to improve the entertainment in Lagos so that the state industry can serve as a role model for others in the country.


Below is the full speech delivered by the Hon Commissioner, enjoy.


Today signifies another great feat in the history of our dear state, the Centre of Excellence and I must say with all sincerity that I am pleased to see this very important stakeholders’ forum comes to fruition.

It is indeed delightful to have these esteemed professionals in the film industry across the country gathered here today with the sole aim of charting ways forward for the Entertainment and Film industry.

Most importantly, this forum will afford the State Government the opportunity to liaise with its Stakeholders and bring into the limelight, the policies and contributions of Government to the industry, as well as expressing Government expectation from the Stakeholders.

Coming away from our day-day activities and tight schedule can be daunting. We recognize it is difficult to make time to work on these tasks in our various offices, especially with the daily pressures, hence, this event, to allow us relax a little and focus on a long term development plan for the entertainment and

film industry. We are here to discuss how best we can achieve our full potentials in our callings, a task that we must make possible; a mission we must strive to gradually accomplish by providing step by step assistance in achieving our desired goals.

Today’s gathering of top echelons in the Entertainment and Film industry portends to be a veritable opportunity to appreciate the consistency of the producers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and to also encourage professionalism in filmmaking which in turn promotes their creativity and also

improve content delivery. The Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board in line with the policy thrust of the Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu’s administration and the growing challenges in the entertainment and film industry, especially in the area of Content Delivery and its impact on the society organized this One day Stakeholders forum as

most movies projected in recent times lack any form of moral and cultural values.

It is noteworthy to say that obscenity, vulgar languages, scenes of excessive violence and negative African stereotypes seem to be the order of the day which forms a major platform of societal degradation, thus; the need to come together and agree on ways best to eliminate such dysfunctional contents and exhibit positive values for a better society. Evidently, Content Development, a process of originating and maintaining contents in order to provide knowledgeable fillings to the generality of the people has taken a notable percentage in the scheme of things globally and we cannot afford to lay back, leave anything to chance or shrink in our responsibilities to harness the all-inclusive possibilities of propelling and encouraging its full integration.

The Theme of today’s event “Content Development as a Driver For Sustainable Growth in the Film And Video Industry” is a step in the right direction considering the State Government contributions to the industry which aims at shaping and reshaping societal conducts and values; thereby, building a formidable and productive system that can favourably compete with many of its kind, globally, in view of the present shift towards a universal acceptance of the Film Industry.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, permit me to appreciate the commitment and visionary leadership of Mr. Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who has ensured and continuously geared tireless efforts to bring the Entertainment and Film sector to international standards and world best practices. These are evidently demonstrated in the TH EM ES Agenda of the administration, Entertainment and Tourism being the 5th pillar. Recall that in its bid to improving the film industry and enhancing capacity building of interested individuals in the creative industry, the State Government partnered with Ebonylife Academy and Delyork Creative Academy to train in this sector focusing on the standard and content delivery of film production. These avenues we urge you all to utilize in order to improve contents and productions deliveries.

In the same vein, there are well thought out interest-free intervention funds especially for the film industry that will help mitigate some of the challenges being faced by the industry. These gestures are in line with the Policy thrust of the State Government to transform the entertainment and film industry. All of these are being implemented through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and the Lagos State Creative Industry Initiative (LACI).

Worthy professionals here today, we must note and acknowledge the fact that the entertainment and Film industry are the media influencers and movie production is a daunting endeavour that requires a high level of physical and mental research. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, the time is now to break off from indecent contents devoid of moral values and imbibe our rich African culture and heritage to the Film Industry. This is a deliberate call to improve on the standard of delivery and enhance the Industry.

As the economic hub of the Nation, we must begin to blaze the trail and seek to transform the entertainment industry in accordance with global best practices and strive at sustaining a significant value chain that will better the lots of the industry. Expectedly, this forum will also serve as a veritable channel for strengthening and bonding all stakeholders and focusing on strategies to impact the audience positively in the delivery of our content. Succinctly, I hope we all have insight and are well prepared for the onerous and herculean task of gathering here today with the specific aim of proffering veritable and sustainable ways forward. I enjoin you to give and take everything you can from this epoch-making event.

Thank you all.











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