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Why Buhari Forgave FFK - Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman, says President Muhammadu Buhari displayed an attribute of God by forgiving Femi Fani-Kayode, former minister of aviation.

Last week, Fani-Kayode defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC), drawing a lot of criticism as some recalled how he had criticised the Buhari administration and vowed never to join the party.

Adesina in an article posted on his Facebook account, said despite all that Fani-Kayode had said against Buhari and his family, the president was able to display an attribute of God, which is to forgive and show mercy.

“Between last week and now, vitriol poured by FFK on anybody with the slightest affinity to APC has been dug up serially. He has said things straight from the gutters, things that the natural man would call unforgivable and unpardonable,” he said.

“Against President Buhari, the first family, Yusuf Buhari whom he wished had died when the latter had an almost fatal bike accident, APC as a party, the government, leaders of the party, groups and individuals. Even this writer has suffered horrid descriptions from FFK in many write-ups.

“Yes, he even said he would rather die than return to APC, but last week, he returned—well and alive.

“By agreeing to the readmission of FFK to APC as the leader of the party, and hosting him at the Villa, President Buhari displayed amazing capacity to forgive, to show mercy, and let bygones be bygones. How many of us can do that? Not many.

“We would have told FFK to go to hell, and stay there. But Buhari didn’t. He displayed an attribute of God: forgiveness.”

The presidential spokesman said “one of the lies that had been serially told against the president was his alleged unforgiving spirit”, adding that Buhari had hosted and dined with people who condemned and insulted him.

“I have worked with the president for over six years. And I have seen amazing things in terms of accommodation and capacity to forgive. I have visited him at home many times in the evenings, only to find at dinner table with him people who had been abusing his forefathers on television earlier in the day,” he said.

“This president has a capacity to forgive, and forget. And make peace. That was what he displayed in the case of FFK. Nothing short of divine attribute, which me and you should covet and seek to approximate.”

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