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Why Many Celebrities Don't Joke with ARISTOS Band – The CEO, SAMMY SODEKE

Have you been attending a lot of parties and events in Lagos over the last 6 months or so? If yes, you must have seen ARISTOS Band thrilling guests. It is one of the best and hottest bands in Lagos. It is fast becoming the band of choice for many celebrities who invite them to perform at their parties. And at every party they have performed they got a standing ovation because they are usually the Life of the party ARISTOS Band is a Live Band led by the one and only Sammy Sodeke, who blows the Sax.

Tell us about your band. When did it start? Who started it?

My name is Samuel Sodeke popularly known as Sammy Sho. I am the founder and leader of Aristos Band and the C.E.O of Aristos Entertainment.

The band started about 12 years ago, borne out of my passion and love for music.


Why did you give it the name Aristos? What does it mean?

Contrary to the controversial meaning of the word "Aristos", it is actually a Greek word which means "BEST"

So when you hear Aristos, just think of the best in delivery, class, performance and creativity.

It was also coined from the word Aristocrats. Aristocrats are a certain type of nobles or Royal class in the society and this depicts that we are Royalty and made for Royalty.

When I started the band, I needed a catchy word that will resonate and the word Aristos just fits in.


What differentiates Aristos from other bands?


As with every competitive market, we have found a way to uniquely deliver our services and performances to suit our clients.. this means that the music we deliver to every client is customized to fit into the request and needs of the event we have been called for.




What kind of music do you play?

We play all genres of music and we are not limited in delivery, we are very adaptive and very creative.




How come the demand on Aristos is high, as you play back to back?

I cannot say for certain the hearts and minds of our audience and fans but I want to believe that our consistency in delivery and the niche we have carved over time has gone ahead of us to enable all and sundry to seek our services. If there's something we know how to do, it's rocking and spicing up Events, and trust me when I say we do it so well.



At what kind of parties do you play?

We play at corporate events, social events, concerts and Church ministrations.

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