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Why I Am Against BOBRISKY – Otunba SEGUN RUNSEWE, D.G Arts & Culture

One of the most trending issues lately has been Bobrisky. She celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago and the entire venue was filled with different socialites, men of timber and calibre and some popular politicians. As a matter of fact, K1 was on the bandstand and he thrilled the guests. However, one man that is fazed by this Bobrisky drama is the Director-General of the Nigerian Council of Arts and Culture, Orunba Olusegun Runsewe.

As a custodian of the Nigerian culture, Otunba Runsewe had revealed why Bobrisky should not be associated with, in society. He revealed that Bobrisky is not representing Nigerian culture appropriately and is not a good role model for the younger generation.

He therefore called on parents to instil African cultures and values in their children and wards, to make them become responsible adults.

He admonished parents to always provide guidance to their children to make sure they won’t live lifestyles that would negate African cultures and values in marriage, procreation, moral decency, and respect for elders. Citing the lifestyle of a Lagos-based crossdresser, Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju popularly known as Bobrisky, Mr Runsewe said Bobrisky had constituted a nuisance to Nigerian and African values and misleading other youth, due to a lack of true African values in him.

According to him, the 29-year-old social media personality is nothing but a disgrace and disgust to Nigeria, and should not be allowed to continue with his fake life. “Do you know that the so-called Bobrisky was going to set up the African Chapter of Gay and LGBT or whatever they call it in Nigeria during his recently aborted birthday party? People from over 70 countries arrived in Lagos for the event.

“They were all at Ikoyi, preparing to launch it. We got a hint of it and had to put a stop to the event. I seized all the food and gave them to IDPs. If they had launched that thing, Nigeria would have been destroyed by now. That was how the insurgency started and because it was not nipped in the bud, today we are facing the consequences of our inaction then. “People said the man called Bobrisky is powerful and that anytime he comes to Abuja, he lodges in a presidential suite on the tenth floor of Transcorp Hilton Hotel. But I will not stand and see such a character perpetuate a culture that does not conform to our African values and norms. “If he wants to continue with that way of life, then he should leave Nigeria. Our culture does not allow such personalities in our society. So he should leave Nigeria.”

“Bobrisky started by saying he sells body creams and later he added that he got boobs. He went into many areas. He insults Nigerian women, claiming he is prettier than them. This is not African. On his father’s birthday, he dressed like a man. So you can see the deception by a fake personality living a fake life and deceiving Nigerian youth,” he said.

Otunba Runsewe said many organisations had lauded NCAC, including a female group from Kenya, for its stand against values that negate African culture and norms. “That man is destroying Nigerian children. If we are not careful, in the next few years women will no longer have boyfriends or husbands again. This is because man to man is becoming the order of the day. In Abuja today, men stand on the streets waiting to be patronized by other men.”

Trust Bobrisky not to keep quiet anywhere he’s been mentioned. He reacted to Otunba Runsewe’s call for arrest on his Instagram handle by saying… “Ï heard someone in government talked about me a few days ago. Please tell him I’m waiting for him. It’s then he will know that I roll with his bosses in government, not someone at his level. So he left serious issues in Nigeria to address Bobrisky. But I popular sha…”\

However, to reiterate his dislike for anyone who is seen abusing the Nigerian culture, Otunba Runsewe again revealed on Friday, September 24, 2021, revealed why he is always against Bobrisky. He said this while delivering his acceptance speech after he got the Tourism and Culture brand Icon Award from the Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria (FTAN).

“We have found out and reviewed what we need to do to make Nigeria great again and we realized that nobody will sell this country for us. Sometimes ago, I gave a warning and some people didn’t take it seriously. Let me today reveal for the first time, the reason I followed Bobrisky. Some of you are wondering and people have been calling me; some two women saw me at the Benin Airport and they jumped on me in appreciation. They said thank you Oga, God bless you, you are the one fighting that useless boy Bobrisky who has been abusing all the women.

“Now, it’s not only the abuse, let me tell you something, anywhere in the world where they promote such immorality, that society won’t progress. Let me tell you today, such people are questioning God, the I am that I am, our eternal rock of ages, the beginning and the end. Now, what are they saying, they are saying that they are not satisfied with their original sex which is the work of God and that they want to be the other sex; so if we don’t address things like that, it affects society.

“In Uganda, they’ve arrested all of them, in Cameroon, they’ve arrested all of them and they have started in Ghana too. No matter what we do to ourselves in this country, there are things that affect society and we cannot get out of it. Few people like us come out to say it the way it is.”


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