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Naija Babe's Diary: IN NIGERIA (Part1)


"We need jobs" Jango and other youths cried out loudly as they approached the well-groomed gates of the Governor’s office, they had placards dancing in the air and knees ready for the worst. You see; Governor Quadri in a conference some weeks ago announced his wish to run for another term asking for the undying support of his beloved supporters in his campaign, this announcement caused a stir in the youth meetings and a peaceful protest was the final option. 

Other than that, Jango had had just about enough of the nonsense the old government and the new Government claimed they had to offer. Just a day before he had gone to Cyril’s house to beg for money to feed for the night, as the youth ambassador he was too poor to be proud of his country. Ever since he got married to Alima, he had been more focused on being a good husband than a youth ambassador. 

He had at a point paused every preparation for a protest for weeks as he had lost all the strength to fight, his followers were becoming impatient and were beginning to sense his weakness so he had to take up the stick in order to keep his throne. 

With just a confirmation on the Whatsapp group at 11:35pm a night before, the youth came out with blood in their fangs and fury in their eyes. The Governor was surely going to have an earful today. 

Finally, they set camp in front of the governor’s office chanting loudly and singing morale songs, it was a day to change the history, or maybe not. The governor obviously heard their chanting and was surely aware of what the angry youths may do if he did not tread carefully, he was not ready to lose his seat as Governor and his new term. 

Therefore his sent down Jide, his ever manipulative campaign office to address the youth emphasizing that, their cries had been heard and they were free to decamp. Receiving orders, Jide ordered the gates opened as he walked out with two policemen by his side. He chanted along with the youth to gain their attention before asking for their representative. Jango walked towards him with Cyril and Bolu on his side greeting Jide with a nod and hatred in his eyes. 

Jide announced the Governors wish and explained that the youth was the next focus for Governor Quadri in his next term. Obviously, Jide took the wrong turn during this announcement as the crowd harmoniously began to chant ‘’No to Governor Quadri, No to 2nd term”. 

The words from the youth came in as faint sounds to the Governor’s ears as he sat in his office; little by little the words began to make sense. Instantly it sent a bell ringing in his head, he sprung from his high chair and dashed to the door; in a few seconds, he was side by side with Jide who the angry crowd had begun to throw plastic bottles at. 

At the entrance of the Governor, Jango began to lay out the anger of the youths, he was periodically cut short by ‘’yes’’ from his fellow members in agreement to his words. Being a high-end politician, the Governor assured that the youth will be empowered starting with those at the protest, Governor Quadri first ordered that some canopies be set aside for his beloved youth while he had a meeting with the youth Ambassador, Jango in his office.

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