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New Things Yahoo Boys & Babes Now Do To Make Money

In Nigeria today, there has continued to be a great increase in the numbers of graduates which in turn increases the number of unemployed youths. No matter the number of empowerment programs organized by the government or philanthropic organizations cannot service the level of unemployment in the country.

Before now, youths turn to theft or armed robbery, public transport business to which generates to street terrorizing and hooliganism, before turning to the highly-rated yahoo yahoo game.

Before now, Yahoo internet fraud scheme was only capable of accommodating educated youths with an average idea of how to operate a computing system. Unfortunately, technology only helps to make it easy as even secondary school dropouts now turn to be a part of the game. Remember early 2020, when the lockdown eased and secondary school boys resumed with a fleet of cars? Days before now had less to worry about because the youth cared more about the government and looked up to them. Slowly, as they began to lose interest in the country they began to find solutions to the unemployment siege in the country. Yahoo is a fraud system that usually has evolving sequence and game plans used in hunting and preying unsuspecting victims in and out of Nigeria. This game plans usually require yahoo boys gathering in groups to lodge in secluded places for “updates’’ as victims continue to wise up. This is because the popular dating sites, properties and bank cheque frauds are fast becoming outdated. 

These game plans helped yahoo boys realize the importance of ladies in their plan. Sometimes it was a full proof plan that usually had a sequence of plans in one, segmented into plans A to D. Therefore, this birthed the initiation of money-hungry girls into the scheme. As far as updating is concerned, it could happen many times in a year that yahoo boys and babes had to turn to an easier and less brain tasking pattern using ‘’spiritual intervention’’. This pattern started with hypnotizing unsuspecting victims by casting spells which in turn have victims do their biddings before realizing themselves. To achieve these results, Yahoo Boys go as far as bathing and ingesting concoctions, lodging in hotels for a period of time (a part of a spiritual fornication process), agreeing to madness for a particular period of time and making use of the popular talk and do emblem “Afose’’.

They sometimes fall victim to numerous false prophets who are out to milk them dry, of course, a greedy person can never get enough. When yahoo can no longer tend to their endless needs they go the extra mile to be as they have always been.  Sadly the past 4 years has been disastrous as yahoo boys and babes have now become more dangerous. In this edition, we will reveal to you some of the outrageous activities yahoo boys and girls now engage in.


This may seem like a surprise to you because dance rituals are performed without you suspecting the end results. Isn’t it a huge surprise to find a young teenage boy popping out of a luxurious car to spray big naira notes in the air? It is a popular belief that “Yahoo Boys never give out their money but are ready to pop a casket of champagne on the needy’’ Therefore this act can only mean one thing, all benefactors of such benevolent gestures are to lose a better part of themselves spiritually. These acts have gone viral on social media with many reactions to them. It is only normal to believe that this is not free.



It sometimes goes as bad as those involved in yahoo fraud going in to accept to go mad for a period of time. Do you remember the barking boys’ saga in 2017? It was a horrific scene to watch young boys bark loudly like dogs, it confirmed that this fate was to only increase their wealth. Other mad scenes caught on camera of young boys displaying madness also went viral in 2020 after the lockdown.



Before now house parties were a more private way to have fun but now it has only become a hunting ground for yahoo boys for spiritual fortification or rituals. Sometimes they are ordered by their spiritual guide to throw these parties to achieve some amount of spiritual fortification. In 2017, a similar house party was organized in Lagos where the girls went missing.



It is still a big deal for these yahoo boys and girls to get enough spiritual fortification. These spiritual guides are used against their victims via many means such as sexual intercourse and the use of their victims’ personal belongings to gather good luck. An example is that of upcoming singer Olymax’s fiancĂ©e who posted a viral video of a wardrobe filled with strange items including an undergarment she had misplaced months back.



This is the most frequent and gruesome activity Yahoo Boys indulge in. the most recent of them all is the ongoing case of Osas and Elohor Oni Orosa which happened in the Egor area of Benin Metropolis on the eve of Christmas in 2020. Osas invited Elohor who was his girlfriend who he gruesomely murdered in an attempt to perform rituals with some of her parts cut out. Others sad stories are like that of Afeez Olalere who used his younger brother for rituals as advised by his mother. Sometimes girls who are into prostitution are also easy targets for body part rituals.

The Yahoo Girls are not left out in this scheme. Asides from being the mouthpiece of the yahoo boys while they talk to their clients, they are also involved in other things. They may not have as many scandals viral online but they surely have things up their sleeves. Yahoo Girls are mostly found involved in some sort of spiritual fortification by bathing in rivers, incision use of spiritually laced waist beads and others. It doesn’t necessarily have to claim life but it always never leaves a man the same. Beware.

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