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Fearless Energy Drink Powers Pillions Hangout With Bikerz In Lagos

The city of Lagos was agog all weekend of the week ending February 18, 2022, with a biker fest of top power bikers’ clubs and non-bikers from across Nigeria who stormed the historic venue of Freedom Park, Lagos Island in a revving power bike show that energized the city all weekend.

It was the ‘Pillions Hangout with Bikerz,’ sponsored by Fearless, a leading energy drink from Nigeria’s leading beverage manufacturer, Rite Foods Limited.

‘Pillions Hangout with Bikerz,’ is a platform of power bikers and non-bikers aimed at growing the biking community through networking and promotion of human-social capital. ‘Pillions’ literally means passenger seated behind a biker. The event is designed for bike enthusiasts, lovers, and fans to network and exhibit the fearless spirit.

Opeyemi Awomolo, Event Producer of the Pillions Hangout with Bikerz and convener of the initiative expressed his excitement and appreciation to the Fearless brand for giving the bikers hangout event the electrifying energy it required. According to him, “There is no better brand that interprets what we do better than the Fearless brand because of its, I CAN, I AM spirit. Biking for me is an escape to freedom and to be a biker, you have to conquer your fears and become fearless. This is why the Fearless brand is the best fit for such a sport in the country.” 

Mr Awomolo emphasized the depth of social capital in the biking community which consists of top executives, MDs, CEOs, professionals, and entrepreneurs coming together to promote ‘driving to stay alive,’ as well as business networking through social interactions that will promote Nigerianness and put the country on front-burner across the globe.

Boluwatife Adedugbe, Assistant Brand Manager, Beverage and Bakery, Rite Foods Limited said the sponsorship is in line with Rite Foods’ commitment to sports development and the entertainment sector by aligning with initiatives or platforms that promote Nigerianness and positive energy. “Biking is a recreational sport which requires courage, bravery, and the I CAN, I AM spirit. The power biking sport aligns perfectly with the fearless energy drink brand,” she said.

The maiden Annual Biking event started with a novelty drag race to entertain Lagosians, especially those around the Lagos-East environs before the bikers retired to the Freedom Park venue where fans joined all the biking clubs, bikers, and non-bikers in enjoying great local bands, exciting entertainment with an artist appearance by legendary Afrobeat star, Femi Kuti.

The event saw the display of exotic bikes and the type of crowd that roared at the revving energy made it special.

As extreme sport such as bike racing is beginning to gain traction in Nigeria, Fearless Energy Drink has sponsored the Pillions Hangout with Bikerz by showcasing bikers in their various professions which would put Nigeria on the global map. Whether it is a sporting event, at work, play, training, at study, Fearless Energy Drinks are non-alcoholic energy beverages that provide you with the needed energy boost needed for maximum refreshment.


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