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I Knew My Father, DAYO KUJORE, Was Going To Die – Daughter, AYINKE DAYO-KUJORE

Ayinke Dayo Kujore is one of the daughters of the late legendary Juju musician Dayo Kujore, who died recently. She is a Presenter on Orisun TV and Aajirebi. In an interview with SUNDAY ADIGUN, she revealed her closeness with her late father and what the family is going to miss most. She also talked about how she dreamt of her father’s death. Below are the excerpts. 

How best can you describe your late dad?

I was and have always been around with my father.  We were so close and I related closely with him. My father was actually a loving, accomodating and disciplinarian man. Getting to see him dying even while in the hospital was an event with mixed feelings....one, I’m happy that, I was on the ground when he breathed his last....and I also became happier that, we are all alive to see the end of our father,  not like the opposite...

How did you get the news of his death and what went through your mind at that moment?

It was not something pleasant at all. You know that, no matter how old our parents are, I believe, no one would be happy seeing his father or mother transiting to a journey of no return. I never thought, my father, will die so soon. We shared many things. He had plans for himself and the entire family for the year 2022. It was not funny at all. As I speak with you now, it is still like a hallucination or perhaps a day dreaming.  I see him as one who is having a deep sleep that would soon wake up to life. Honestly,  I can’t imagine describing my loved father with a past tense now.  So sad...that I have indeed lost a good friend, my gist mate. My relationship with my dad was so cool. Very very cordial. My dad confided so much in me. Also seeing me becoming more successful in the entertainment industry is another thing that gives my dad lots of joy and happiness.. I see him as a friend, not as a father at times.. sometimes, when there is a need for him to act as a father in most of my dealings or activities,  he doesn’t hesitate and he won't spare anyone involved and in another development,  when it was time to merrymaking or throw banters, you see my father as a real jolly good friend.

What has been his contribution to your career?

Being an entertainer himself, he knew and cherished the work of arts and talents.  He stood up firmly to support my showbiz and on-air personality business even when all others went against me.

You said in an interview that you actually dreamt of his death. Can you explain better, what step did you take?

Yes, I dreamt of his death a month before his eventual passage unto the glory. In the morning of that day, I subjected myself to a 3-day fast and prayer where I rebuked and cancelled every mark of death upon my dad and all of us that are connected with him... On day two of the fasting and prayer session, I had a little nap inside a car before I entered the studio to begin my entertainment TV programme,  that same revelation repeated itself and I became more terrified, rather than rebuking and casting again, I decided to appreciate God and give him the praises through songs...of my dad’s in easy life album where he sang about “ Ogbon ati Oye’...With all these, I asked God to allow His will to be done in whatever ways he pleases him.....after all, nobody dares question, God.  I saw the death coming.  I have actually dreamt about it a month before he died. I wept in the dream and I prayed about the reversal but I never knew that it would certainly come to pass. I missed his advice, the qualities advice.

What kind of man was he to the family, especially the children?

My dad was a good and caring dad that everyone would pray to have as a father... No dull moment,  being with him. He was my dad and my gist mate. I wish I have someone like my father to be my husband in life.

What are you guys going to miss most about him?

I would miss many things about him. Is it the attention,  is it the affections,  is it the love, is it the qualities advice that you can never get anywhere, except a loving father like him.. My father was so compassionate in our welfare and education. He imbibed in us decency, integrity, decorum and the ability to always be contented with whatever comes our way.

How do you guys plan to keep his legacy?

Keeping his legacy alive has always been our dream... quite a number of us are into entertainment and we are also planning to set up a foundation in his name, where we would be giving back to society, under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helping the needy, the Widows and the downtrodden.  We want the event to be an annual one....and it would be finally made open at a later date that would be announced soon.


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