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Why I Still Want To Marry After My Failed Attempt – Actress, BIMBO AKINSANYA

The very beautiful Bimbo Akinsanya is one of the wave-making actresses in the Yoruba genre of the movie industry.

She is popularly called Omo Oloja and she is known for her ability to effortlessly interpret roles.

She is the last child of a family of six and has spent 22 years in the Yoruba movie industry.

At a point in her career, she featured in movies back-to-back and fans shouted for more and all of a sudden, she relocated abroad and later returned.

In this interview with City People’s BIODUN ALAO and DAMILARE SALAMI, she explained why she relocated abroad, how her marriage of a year plus failed, and the second attempt didn’t work as well.

Despite all these, she is not giving up, as she strongly believes in the institution of marriage and is ready to give it another trial.

Below are the excerpts.

 What projects are you working on now?

Abe Igiya is my latest movie, it is now showing on Apata TV on YouTube, Part 1, 2 &3. I also have Iyawo Senator on Apata TV on YouTube.

Why do many producers now prefer to put up their movies on YouTube Channels?

The truth of the matter is, I have not collected any money from my marketer to shoot my movie. I used my money, that is why I took it to social media first. you will agree with me that social media help a lot.

If any marketer asks me to produce for him, definitely I will collect money from him to produce, then he can sell it, but since this is my personal money. I prefer to take it to YouTube, but that doesn’t mean, I am having any issue with any marketer. We are still working together. Then that also doesn’t mean that I can’t take my movie to any marketer of my choice tomorrow.

What is your latest movie all about?

Once you watch Abe Igiya, you will understand where the title came from and it features stars such as myself Bimbo Akinsanya, Femi Adebayo, Ronke Odusanya, Foluke Daramola, and a host of others.

Many fans keep saying you relocated abroad at a point in your career when lots of fans were enjoying you on the screen, what made you take that decision?

Actually, many said I went to America, but I actually went to the U.K.

The truth is that I was actually in a relationship and that was why I relocated, so I left the country for the U.K. for love. I believe so much in love, I believe so much in the institution called marriage. My first marriage didn’t work, so I had to make attempt on another.

What would you say was responsible for the hitch in your first marriage and what would you have done differently?

If I want to go into that, I will talk about too many things. I will talk about my mother-in-law and my health. I really tried my best to make it work, but it didn’t. To God be the glory, I have a son from the marriage. But I am still going to remarry, but I believe so much in the institution and I want to live under a man.

Is there any man in the picture now?

No. Laughs! Relationship is not something you just rush into, if you rush in, you will surely rush out, so, it is necessary to take one’s time. Moreover, once bitten twice shy.

Though I understand it takes the grace of God to make things work.

Can you take us through your journey into the movie industry?

I joined the industry about 22 years ago. Then, there was nothing like social media. We thank God, the industry is improving and we are also improving in terms of what we bring to the table, even the props, the equipment, so the industry is improving and we are happy about it.

Which other outstanding movies, have you featured since you got back?

I have featured in movies such as “Mopelola”, “Kosija”, “Ashabi Oni Leke Ola” and a host of others.

What are you doing to maintain your beautiful look?

I watch what I eat, I relax and rest a lot when necessary and use good products on my skin.

What do you think could be done to make the Yoruba movie industry get better and their movies will be featured on bigger platforms like Netflix?

Honestly, we will get there, because we are working so hard, we are improving every day.

What are the attributes you are looking out for in your dream man?

Once a man is God-fearing, I strongly believe every other thing will fall in place, so, I desire a man who is good looking, then above all, God-fearing.

How do you rest despite your busy schedule?

I try as much as possible to take a nap during the day.

If you are in a relationship now, what will you do to make it work?

Honestly, it takes the Grace of God to make any relationship work because I am humble, so it is just grace that is required.

Honestly, I hate the single mum lifestyle, I don’t like it a bit, I want to live under a man, the normal and ideal married lady lifestyle, that is what I want. My parents have always been my role models. They have been together and stuck together through the thin and thick without any third party.

When I wanted to get married, I desired a very romantic man but my husband turned out not to be a very romantic type, then we had an issue when we did and went to his mum I remembered vividly I told his mum that this love thing I am used to it, I learnt it from my parents. So, she should talk to his son.

He shares this very close relationship with his mum and he discussed basically everything with her. He even took permission from his mum before taking some vital decisions at home and all that. All these affected us. I got married in 2014 and left the marriage in 2015. My son was just 3 months old. So, just imagine what would make a woman leave a marriage with a 3-month-old baby, it was really terrible.

How have you been able to cope as a single mum and a career woman?

When I left the marriage, my mum had to leave her own house because of me and my son and since then, she has been with us. Despite leaving happily with my dad in their own house, she had to make their sacrifice for my sake, I am the last child of the family and she made all that sacrifice for me.

Whenever I have movies to feature in or a location to go to, my mum will be with my child because I can’t leave my child with another woman.

Life as a single mum, how are you coping with that?

I don’t like it one bit, I hate it I want to live under a man as I have said earlier, that is the best any woman will dream of.


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