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New Jersey Based Naija Celebrity Lady, Toyin Raji Reflects On Life @ 40

Oluwatoyin Raji is in a happy mood right now. It's her 40th and she is happy with the landmark age. At 40, not much has changed about this stunning beauty who combines private business with acting.

A few days ago, InfoOnlineNews got her to talk about her new age and life in New Jersey. Below are excerpts.


Tell me how you feel as you turn 40...

 I feel so good and excited. I give God the Glory.


40 is a landmark birthday, how do you plan to mark it?

It's going to be a huge party. I will be celebrating it on September 3rd because of the weather here. By the grace of God


Who is Toyin Raji?

Oluwatoyin Raji is an Entrepreneur and an actress


Tell us what you do and the journey so far...

Oluwatoyin Raji is a business owner. I was born in Kaduna on April 1st 1982. I am Single. And I am presently living in New Jersey, USA. I have been in business for over  20 years. I started my business career from the Oshodi market to the Ketu market in Nigeria, from Nigeria to New Jersey USA.

It feels good to see myself grow from Grass to Grace, Glory be to God Almighty for that. I run my business worldwide. I can proudly say am the  CEO of Teecutellc, Teegold palace LLC, Tee_clocet LLC.


Do you feel fulfilled as you clock a new age?

Yes, I’m so delighted. I enjoy living in New Jersey, USA. I have been here since 2013. I have 5 siblings and a mother all living in Nigeria.


How did acting start for you?

Acting started for me in 2009, under my boss, Adekola Tijani in Lagos.

I acted in some movies in Nigeria, like Eda lo n sare produced by Adekola Tijani, Muniru Ati Anbali produced by Olaniyi Afonja and Iyawo oni cigar produced by Odunlade Omo Ketu and others. In America, I produced my first movie, Aminat Minaj in 2014, Rihanat also in 2014. In 2015 I produced Addicted and in 2017 I produced Awele and Omo Meji in Nigeria. In 2018, I produced Iwalewa in the US and in 2019 I produced Honeymoon, as my most recent production, before focusing on my businesses. I am an entrepreneur trading in Italian Gold under the trade name Teegold Palace LLC USA, I also trade in eyelashes, contact lense and human hair under the trade name Teecute LLC the USA.


For how long have you been acting?

I have been acting since 2009, making it 12 years


How easy or difficult has it been sustaining your interest in acting?

It's not been easy juggling acting, producing and doing business, especially in the USA. The challenges of finding seasoned actors, producers and equipment, time and funding are the true test of one's passion for acting


Who are the actors you roll with?

Some of the actors I roll with abroad include but are not limited to the following: Mistura Asuramu, Doris Simeone, Mummy Ashabi Olorisa, Seun Jimoh, Toyin Hasstrup, Tunde Owooniran to mention just a few


Tell us about your growing up years...

I was born in Kaduna but grew up in Oshogbo and Lagos. I attended Orolu Community School in Osogbo, Osun State for my primary school education. I also attended Darul Girls College, Isolo, Lagos for my secondary school education. I ventured into the Textile business and set up my own business, shortly after secondary school.

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