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How Nordica Fibroid Care Center Treated Over 100 Patients Without Surgery

Nordica is known for breaking new grounds in the area of providing quality health services, particularly for women and men as well as standard reproductive healthcare supports. 

Nordica Fibroid Care Center did better when it introduced the treatment of uterine fibroid with High intensity Focussed Ultrasound, HIFU and in the last few months, it has treated more than 100 patients.

Dr Abayomi Ajayi, the MD of Nordica Fibroid Care Centre while speaking with journalists in Lagos on Friday, April 15, 2022, revealed how excited he was to have reached a century of uterine fibroids treatments without surgery.

He also noted that the feedback he has gotten from some of the patients are enough proofs that HIFU is a welcome technology in the treatment of Uterine Fibroids.

"Since we opened our doors in July last year we have done 100 successful treatments to date and still counting.

"100 women have had the opportunity to get rid of fibroids and adenomyosis that may have defined their lives before they did the procedure.

"From our facility here in Lekki, we have treated women from all works of life from across the country.

"We are delighted every time a woman walks into our facility with fibroids and or adenomyosis and she leaves here a few hours later devoid of the torment of her ailment.

"The relief we see on their faces, gives us joy that the investment we have made in this area of uterine fibroid management is bringing relief to our women folk who would ordinarily have been scared of open surgery, and may have decided to live their lives with the pain, discomfort, blood loss and we have saved many women from the risk of blood transfusion, anaesthesia and loss of man-hours at work.


What does this 100th Treatment mean?
Speaking on the significance of the milestone, Dr Abayomi Ajayi emphasised that it is time for more work because there are more women out there who are yet to benefit from this technology.

"For us at the Fibroid Care Centre, it is a call to service.

"It means we are committed to working tirelessly to help more women access to the HIFU technology to deal with the fibroids.

"It is a call for us to reach out to more women living in Nigeria and the West African sub-region to take advantage of HIFU and improve the quality of their lives.

What do we see in the days ahead?

"Despite the realities we face in terms of rising energy costs, skyrocketing foreign exchange rates and the myriad of infrastructural challenges facing our country at this time, we are even more resolved to focussing our attention on expanding our scope of operations to cover other locations in Nigeria.

"In celebrating this 100th treatment, we are also expanding access for medical doctors to be trained in the use of the HIFU technology as part of our commitment to continuous professional training.

"We have called for applications from interested doctors to apply for this specialised training to join a global workforce of highly skilled individuals.

"The more doctors that are trained, the better for the patients and our health sector. 

"We believe that by the time we are celebrating our 200th Treatment, Nigeria will be on the path to becoming a significant contributor to the global effort in Fibroid care management via non-invasive methods.

"I will also like to thank our partners HAIFU Chongqing for believing in us and supporting our every move since our inception," he concluded.

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