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Meet FEMI OTEDOLA's 5 Siblings We Hardly Talk About

The Otedola is a very popular family no doubt, but only one of the children of the Late Governor, Sir Micheal Otedola is popular. Many people know the billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola like the palm of their hands because of his business acumen and the crowd he rolls with within the society.

At the just celebrated 90th superlative birthday for their mum, Lady Doja Otedola, the former First Lady of Lagos, All the Otedola children, grandchildren all came out in numbers. Femi Otedola has 5 siblings, though they might not be popular they are also very successful.

During the birthday ceremony, their mum spoke glowingly about all of them in a live documentary. They equally spoke about their mum also in their glowing tributes. Their mum revealed that she has 6 successful children and mentioned them according to their positions. She said let me appreciate all those the Lord has been using to actualise my dreams, To all my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, you have been wonderful to me, I am proud of each one of you. You have contributed, in no small measure, to my self-fulfilment. Thank you all. She mentioned Ayo, Femi, Timi, Lola, Tola and Muyiwa Otedola. They are 4 men and 2 women who are twin girls. All of them looked good on their Mother’s Day. The bond between all of them was so strong that you can hardly tell who is older. They were very united and together they gave their mum a befitting birthday party. They were the cynosure of all eyes as many were congratulating them and saluting them for taking good care of mama as she looked great at age 90.  Entertainment surely runs in the Otedola Dynasty and with this, we saw the emergence of 2 of the Otedola brothers who are into entertainment. Even one or 2 of the grandchildren are also into entertainment and fashion.

The first of the brothers is Ayo Otedola, Mama Firstborn. He was seen sitting close to his mum during the church service. He appreciated his mum by giving a glowing tribute, he wrote, “Mum, your guidance and understanding has made me who I am today. You have made me see the beauty in giving, loving, patience and perseverance. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do, there are simply not enough words to say how much I love you. Happy birthday my first love.”

Next to him is the billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, he is the only popular Otedola we know.  He wrote this about his mum, “There is probably nothing that I can say about my mother that will do justice for the impact she has had, not only in my life but in the life of all those who encountered her. You gave birth to 6 children and nurtured all of them in whatever they set their minds to do. You were the emotional compass of the family in the good times and strength in the bad. Your unwavering belief in me spurred on my entrepreneurial spirit and drove me to greatness. You taught me how to love and how to be my best self in all I did. Your love was the blueprint on which I modelled my family. No one will ever know the strength of my love for you because you are the one who loves me unconditionally, the one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside. You are always my lovely mother”. The staunch businessman is a core philanthropist, and former chairman of Forte Oil PLC, an importer of fuel products. Otedola is the founder of Zenon Petroleum and Gas Ltd, and the owner of a number of other businesses across shipping, real estate and finance. He has recently invested in power generation as part of the liberalisation of the sector in Nigeria.

Next to him is Rotimi Otedola fondly called Timi, he is an entertainer, he stole the show on his mum's birthday with his superb performance. In fact, not until that day that many heard of him or listened to his music. His class of music is different, he is a percussionist who plays different instruments, especially the guitar, he gave a very beautiful performance with his band on his mum's birthday which got many standing to applaud his craft. He also acknowledged his mum’s love, he wrote, Tribute to a mum so near and dear, A mom who teaches us that it is one who adores that makes a divinity not one who adorns. She shows us unequivocally and unparalleled strength of life without limitations. She exemplifies the beauty of being and exhibits the grace of existence. Not just a mother of one but a mother for all. Couldn’t have wished for a greater mother and teacher. Happy birthday, mum, you are the best”.

He is followed by the twin beautiful daughters, Lola and Tola. The 2 beautiful sisters shown like a star. They wore the same outfit as their mum, they were extremely happy and grateful for their mum’s life which showed in their tributes in the documentary. All through the birthday ceremony, they never left their mum’s side, one of the twin sisters, Tola also gave birth to twins.

Lola, a lawyer wrote, mum is so disciplined and strict, in fact, she is a no-nonsense person, she tells you the way it is. mum is kind-hearted and she is willing to freely give as long as it makes the other happy. Her life is a life of sacrifice. Her love for us is always refreshing. She dots on us all. She wants us all to be happy and fulfilled in all our chosen fields. Her intuition is heavenly. She is instrumental in marrying my husband, mum is a woman of great faith and trust in God. of course as human beings, mum and I do have our differences but with no iota of doubt, if I have the power to choose my mum, I will definitely choose mum over and over again”.

Her twin, Tola also testified, “My siblings and I are blessed to have you as our own adorable mother with a very large heart. You have been an inspiration to me, the way you love God, honour him and take care of all the people he brings on your path is amazing, no wonder, God blessed you with good health, a sound mind and great strength. I honour and love you as always Mama Ibeji”.

One of the brothers who is also into entertainment is Muyiwa Otedola popularly known as 10 dollar the great. 10 dollar is his entertainment brand and they spearhead many top shows in the country. He also has many good things to say about his mum, he wrote, Mom, I wish I had words to tell how much you mean to me, mom you are a wonderful mother. you give guidance when I ask, you are my cushion when I fall, you help in times of trouble, you support me whenever I call, mom, I am the person I am today because you did not let me alone, mom life would never have been the same without you. You are the wisest person I have ever known, That is why I am the first you hear in the morning and the last you see at night. The many of your talents, music, dance, giving, character and devotion to God impacted me. Always makes me feel I will one day rule the entertainment world as 10 Dollar the great”


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