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OBI CUBANA's ODOGWU Bitters Hits The Market BIG

•As He Battles Others Like KOLAQ ALAGBO, ORIGIN Bitters

The bitters market is one of the fastest-growing in the beverage industry in Nigeria. A couple of brands have come and gone, others are rebranding while there are new entrants every now and then. Two weeks ago, popular Nigerian billionaire, Obi Cubana joined the fray with the launch of his brand, Odogwu Bitters. Obi Cubana himself is a brand and a force to reckon with and this is already posing a huge threat to other brands in the market.

Let’s quickly remind you that Odogwu Bitters is already pulling stunts all thanks to the mighty CEO who is diversifying into many other businesses.

One major factor that has contributed to the rise of this market is the rising change in the tastes of consumers, who believe that bitters contain body purifiers, anti-malaria components, and ingredients that strengthen the virility of men.

In this article, City People’s Brands & Products takes a look at the aphrodisiac market, the big players and how Odogwu Bitters is already changing the narratives. Enjoy.


Bitters Market Then And Now

Bitters made its entry into the Nigerian market about 15 years ago, and since then, it has gained acceptance among all classes of consumers in the country. It is no longer strange in Nigeria to see young men, even the smartly dressed ones, hurriedly buying bottles of bitters early in the morning before heading off for the day’s work. As of 2014, the bitters market was said to be worth about N32.2 billion and still growing. Bitters are flavoured extracts made from infusing herbs, seeds, bark, roots, flowers, and berries with alcohol.

The introduction of Alomo Bitters into the market came with an aura of class, however, the entrance of another brand, Orijin Bitters from the stables of the giant breweries, Guinness, became the game-changer. Noticing the acceptance of bitters, Nigerian Breweries also came out with Ace Roots. Today, we have Action Bitters, Kolaq Alagbo, Yoyo Bitters, Jekomo and a couple of others that are either playing on the fringe or playing big.

There is no doubt that the bitters market is thriving as evidence abounds. There is no car park in Lagos and across the country where they are not sold. And that aside, some big players have taken their brand to another level. The internet has afforded them the opportunity for huge sales today and they are leveraging it big time.


How Kolaq Alagbo, Orjin Bitters Took Over The Market

A lot of consumers were surprised when Guinness Nigeria Plc entered a market that most people investors had already given up on. According to consumers, the critical driver in the sales of Orijin can be attributed to the positioning of the brand. Several consumers, who feel that Alomo Bitters and other brands are too common, have since taken flight to the new brand from Guinness, just to stand out from the crowd. Compared to others, Orijin is also premium-priced; while some bitters can be gotten for as low as N100, Orijin Bitters, which is available as Orijin in 30cl and 75cl bottles, and Orijin Bitters, in 20cl and 75cl bottles, go for as much as N500 to N700 and N300 to N1,000 respectively; a major attraction for those who want to be different. With Orijin, classy men and women could drink their herbal bitters openly and fashionably.

Guinness, in reshaping the market, also discovered that consumers at the top of the marketing pyramid, who were major consumers of Alomo Bitters, may have not felt comfortable sharing the same space with every other Tom, Dick, and Harry in the market. They needed ‘class’. This they responded to by creating a brand to take this space and appeal to those who want to stand out from the ‘Alomo crowd’.

Kolaq Alagbo was established in 2012 as Kolaqalagbo Service Limited with a view to redefining excellence in herbal practice in Nigeria and global communities. Contrary to the general notion that the company is into the aphrodisiac business, Kolaqalagbo proffers solutions to many illnesses and ailments, including but not limited to venereal diseases, general infections, and cardiovascular diseases, high blood sugar, malaria and many more.

Although it started small, Kolaq Alagbo equally carved out a niche for itself. One thing that worked for this brand was its association with the big boys in the entertainment industry. Kolaq Alagbo was one of the few brands that explored Instagram for the growth of its brand.

For instance, in 2022, Davido was made a brand ambassador of Kolaq Alagbo and according to the founder of Kolaqalagbo, Olayemi Omotolani Abeeb Lateef, making Davido an ambassador is a high-stake endeavour; “One that is well worth it when you take into account what the “Assurance” hitmaker brings to the table.” With Davido’s 23.3 million followers on Instagram and Kolaqalagbo’s 187 thousand as of press time, one can only expect a symbiotic relationship that will yield dividends in no distant time.

In early 2019 the duo of Toyin Lawani, the boss lady at Tiannah Empire and former Big Brother Naija star, Teddy A penned a contract with the company as brand ambassadors. This saw the birth of many raunchy videos and photoshoots by the duo. Instagram comedians Cutest Biola and Mr Jollof have also flirted with the company in varying capacities. Eniola Badmus, B-Red, Pasuma Wonder, Nkechi Blessing, Berbiedoll, Sotayo Sobola and many others have also all identified with the brand at one time or another.


About Odogwu Bitters

“Odogwu bitters is a herbal alcoholic drink that contains an ancient herbal mix that also includes honey and ginger. This Recipe has been trusted and proven to guarantee a fast and efficient result in the body. Odogwu bitters is an energy booster that helps in increasing the libido and provides antioxidants that aid the digestive system of the body, fight flu and common cold. Odogwu bitters aid in boosting the immune system and may also help in the relief of stress and regulation of blood sugar levels and promotion of weight loss.


Odogwu Bitters' Landmark Entry

The narrative changed in the bitters industry on the 22nd of March, 2022, when Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, ventured into another line of business with the launch of Odogwu Bitters. It has never happened in the history of the bitters market that a brand would be launched with so much luxury and a touch of perfection.

Not many were aware that at its launch, Odogwu Bitters had a private jet experience with a visit to other countries. That was the kind of luxury and paparazzi the Nigerian billionaire had introduced into the bitters market.

Right now, Odogwu Bitters is already the most talked-about bitters having slashed a whopping N50m deal on one of its brand ambassadors, Habeeb Okikiola also called Portable, the Zazu crooner. Not just only him, four other brand ambassadors were revealed on the day Odogwu Bitters was launched. They include Zubby Micheal, Alex Okubo, Mr Jollof and Broda Shaggi.

Let us also be the first to inform you that HRM Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III, and the paramount ruler of Ikateland endorsed Odogwu Bitters after he received Obi Cubana and his crew in his office just a few days before the launch.


The Battle Line Has Been Drawn

Let us quickly tell you that the entry of Odogwu Bitters has caused a huge uproar amongst The bitters consumers. Firstly, Orijin and Kolaq Alagbo have been playing the big boys game all the while other established and fringe brands play on the ground floor. However, with the grand entry and stunts pulled by Odogwu Bitters, the narrative has changed completely.

Obi Cubana is placing his brand among the big boys just as the lower class have also displayed some craze for the brand. Brands & Products gathered that virtually all the young people from the eastern part of the country have switched allegiance to this brand. For instance, they all want to identify with the brand Odogwu because of what the name means to them.

The difference between Orijin, Kolaq Alagbo and Odogwu bitters today is where they play their games. While the first two brands have conveniently taken over the market among the upper class, and also still battle the fringe brands down below, they left a space for Odogwu Bitters and the new entrants are capitalizing on it. Odogwu bitters has positioned itself to play both among the big boys and even down below. We shall review the market again in a few months' time to see how far all the brands have gone in fighting for the crown!




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