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5 Housing Estates In LEKKI Celebs Dream To Live

There are beautiful housing estates in Lagos where rich and celebrities dream to live. In the Lekki area of the city, we have various housing estates which have become like paradise to many people who desire class, luxury. There are about 5 classy housing estates in Lekki where top celebrities dream to live. These housing estates are beautifully designed for top personalities who love to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Some of these housing estates aren’t for baby celebs. They are highly expensive to buy or rent. You have to be extra rich before you can become a landlord in these estates. This week, City People will be spotlighting 5 beautiful housing estates in Lekki where celebs dream to live.


Nicon Town is a purely residential estate located in Ikate, Salem bus stop, off the Lekki-Epe Expressway. The project ‘Nicon Town’ was facilitated and managed by Chevron Employees Multipurpose Cooperative Society (CEMCS). Nicon Insurance Corporation vested with the parcel of land upon which Nicon Town sits by a Certificate of Occupancy incorporated Nicon Lekki Limited to take possession of the 57 hectares parcel of land, develop and sell to the public at a premium for the benefit of the Corporation. Nicon Lekki Ltd sold most of the plots of land to CEMCS in 2001. CEMCS took over full development of Nicon Town from then on and significantly finished the project in 2007. CEMCS facilitated the project for its members and other investors. The 57 hectares of land were designed to have over 400 plots consisting of 46 plots of 1,200 sqm each, about 200 plots of 1,000 sqm each and the remaining 800 sqm per plot.

Nicon Town is known for its luxury and class occupied by high income earning individuals. It consists of excellent infrastructure very well organized and gives quality finishing. Its top-notch infrastructure is provided by P.W Group. It is a great investment that has yielded great returns over the years.

Nicon Town is divided into Zones and each zone has a separate gated entrance and security guards. The estate is very calm and serene with high-tech security; all roads within the estate are tarred and very good; its access road through Prince Olanrewaju Elegushi Rd is also tarred and in good condition. The estate is very clean with an excellent waste management system and drainage channels. It also has a good layout and landscape. Each house has ample space in front for flower planting, a garage and sufficient parking space, no cars are parked along the road.

Facilities and infrastructure in Nicon Town: perimeter fence, children’s playground, central sewage plant, 24 hours water supply and treatment plant, 24-hour surveillance and Nicon Town Security Patrol, good drainage, electricity and underground cables, streetlights, about 1km access road into the estate from the express.

To buy 5 bed detached duplex will cost N250 million – N450 million, at Nicon Town.

While a 4-bed terraced duplex cost N70 million. The rent is about ¦ N3 million.


Lekky County Homes is a gated residential community located within the Ikota villa estate, off the Lekki-Epe expressway. It was developed by Megasemi-detachedMound investment Ltd. and is a product of a joint venture between Megamound Ltd, Mayfair building society, and IFL ventures. It sits on 66.8 hectares of land.

The estate is well landscaped, with trees planted along most roads and flowers planted in front of most houses. The estate is provided with infrastructure/facilities such as roads, drainage, perimeter fence, water supply, street lights e.t.c. Buildings within the estate have a compulsory 10m setback from the street roads, and there are regulations guiding the construction of buildings within the estate. The estate has a secure gated entrance and exit, and visitors are required to call their hosts before being allowed entry. The estate management authority is generally effective as the environment is well maintained.

Presently, land in the estate goes for ¦ 70,000/sqm (developing areas), and ¦ 90,000/sqm (developed areas). Three bedroom terraced duplex is sold for ¦ 38 million – ¦ 45 million. While

4 bedroom fully detached duplexes go for ¦ 65 million – ¦ 90 million. And 5 bedroom fully detached duplex – Is sold for ¦ 70 million – ¦ 120 million.


Chevy View estate is located along Chevron drive, off the Lekki – Epe Expressway and directly opposite the head office of Chevron Nigeria Limited. It is about 30 min – 1-hour drive to Victoria Island during rush hour traffic and 20 minutes without traffic (typically during weekends).

The estate isn’t exclusively residential, as there are a number of businesses located within; ranging from schools, hotels and various offices. Non-residents can enter the estate freely, although sometimes searches are carried out on cars entering and leaving the estate.

Most houses in the estate are duplexes (semi & fully detached; terraces) and most residents are upper-class high income earning families. Many of the buildings were built by estate developers who buy lands, build and then sell. Property appreciation within the estate is high because of the location, the environment, and better traffic situation when compared to places and residences in Ajah. The estate is quite similar to Ikota Villa Estate, but the property is more expensive. The estate is known to experience flooding and at the time of this review, there are occasional issues with power. upper-class property prices are:

3 Bedroom Flat: N1.7 million – ¦ 2.5 million(rent) .3 Bedroom Duplex: N3 million (rent) N45 million (sale)

4 Bedroom Duplex: N3.5 million (rent) N45 million – N65 million (sale)

5 Bedroom duplex: N4 million (rent); N65 million – N130 million (sale)


Carlton Gate Estate is a gated residential estate located in the Chevron area. It measures about 40 hectares and contains about 231 serviced plots comprising 11 plots of 1200sqm, 92 plots of 100sqm, and 128 plots of 800sqm. The estate is a joint venture between the Ojumu Chieftaincy family and Megamound Limited.

The estate has a good road layout and drainage network. There are trees, flowers and green areas all around the estate. Also, the estate has a central management authority that makes sure regulations in the estate are obeyed; an example includes setbacks and reserved green areas. The service charge in the estate is about N200,000 annually and it covers gardening, playground maintenance and general areas. Water supply within the estate is metered, with a compulsory minimum fee of ¦ 3,000 monthly. 

Three bedroom Apartment is sold for N55 million. While 4 bedroom Terraced Duplexes is sold for N95 million.

Four bedroom detached duplex goes for N125,000,000 – ¦ N200,000,000. And 5 bedroom carcass Duplex is sold for N85 million.


Pinnock Beach estate is a gated, serviced residential estate located off Femi Okunnu road (Shoprite road). Only about 40% of the estate is developed but all roads and drainage channels have been constructed. The estate has good infrastructures like well-tarred roads, efficient drainage channels, street lights, a well-landscaped environment with reserved green areas in front of all houses and recreational areas. There is an annual service charge of about N450,000 which covers waste management, security, general maintenance of the estate, as well as electricity and water supply.

There is effective security in the estate; non-residents are not granted access until they have been cleared by their hosts. There are also security officers positioned at strategic locations within the estate.

Houses in the estate vary as there are modern and upscale buildings, and there are available plots of land for sale within the estate which will suit those that would prefer to build their houses.

Four Bedroom semi-detached is sold for N100 million (sale), while it takes N4 million to rent a decent apartment in the estate.

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