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CHI Limited Set to Hold 2nd Annual Hollandia Dairy Day Celebration

Preparations are in top gear to hold this year's Hollandia Dairy Day celebration. The event, which is the second edition, would take place on Wednesday, May 18th, 2022, in Lagos. It will bring together relevant stakeholders towards driving national discourse on the unrivalled health and nutritional benefits of dairy consumption to people of all ages.

Retaining the same theme as last year's edition, “Dairy Nourishment to Support Healthy Living,” this year's Hollandia Dairy Day celebrations will further highlight the role dairy consumption plays in our everyday nourishment.  It will also address misconceptions regarding dairy consumption while presenting innovative ways to incorporate dairy into the diet of all age groups for health benefits.

This year's event will be marked by activities to stimulate the minds of consumers and enlighten them on the need to prioritize dairy consumption. It will also feature discussions that will provide insight into the benefits of dairy consumption.

The 2022 Hollandia Dairy Day would raise consciousness that would enable stakeholders as well as policymakers to address some of the challenges that pertain to the Nigerian dairy sector. It would also examine the role of dairy in addressing the scourge of malnutrition.

CHI Limited Marketing Director, Mrs Toyin Nnodi, said that this year's Hollandia Dairy Day celebration is another opportunity to showcase the health benefits of dairy consumption to people of all ages.

“As the market leader in dairy production, Hollandia is excited to continue the tradition of driving enlightening conversations and activities around dairy consumption to the general public through Hollandia Dairy Day. We look forward to an exciting, lively, and educational experience in this year's edition,” she stated.

Hollandia's range of dairy products, including Hollandia Yoghurt, Hollandia Zero Yoghurt, Hollandia Evaporated Milk, Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk, Hollandia Lactose-Free Milk, and Hollandia UHT Milk, are powerhouses of essential vitamins & minerals for healthy dairy nourishment and wellbeing.

The Hollandia Dairy Day celebration is a public interest initiative created to highlight the importance of dairy in everyday nutrition and healthy living in Nigeria.


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