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Husband Snatching Allegation Hit ASABA Movies Circle

Husband snatching has always been a trend in the movie industry. It’s always an actress snatching a fellow actress’ man or sleeping with a married man, who often is the husband of the actress’ friend.

Mostly, actresses don’t care about how the wife of the man they are sharing would feel if she eventually knows. The major thing these stars care about is a man, who will take care of all their bills and also take care of their extravagant lifestyle.

This is why many of them would not want their colleagues in the industry to know their spouses. Just when many thought degrading promiscuously would soon be a thing of the past in the movie industry, there is a soaring increase in the number of such cases, especially in the Asaba movie industry. Scandal is the order of the day among actresses. Just a few weeks ago, Yul Edochie and actress Judith Austins’, story went viral and many fans frowned at the development, mainly because Yul Edochie had been a role model to many young upcoming movie stars in the industry. He has always portrayed himself as an ideal responsible and family-oriented man. Many were disappointed with the news about his not just welcoming another child outside wedlock, but also getting married to the lady in question.

There was a similar case between filmmaker, Tchidi Chikere and actresses Nuella and Sophia, among so many others. The fact still remains that these actresses don’t make much money from acting and at the same time, they strive to keep and maintain their celebrity lifestyles, which require lots of money, hence when a money bag, shows up, they gladly agree to his bidding.

Mostly, movie stars spend months on location, working on different projects. If they have the urge for intimacy, it’s natural for them to look up to their male colleagues for satisfaction. Often the urge becomes mutual and in a short while they start up a relationship. Actresses have admirers and fans, as their jobs attract the attention of big boys who sponsor most movies. This, in return, gives the big boys access to any star. To many of these married men, dating an actress is a thing of pride, so it’s a big deal for these men. They flaunt their escapades with actresses in the face of their friends and this boosts their ego.

Don’t forget that men are promiscuous in nature, and they are always willing to go to any length to do anything that makes them happy, most especially if they have money to throw about.

The promiscuous saga is not only among actresses. Single ladies lately are mostly ready to take men on new experiences, which ordinarily wives at home won’t give in to. Men want new experiences and good adventure and they feel only ladies outside the home could give it to them.


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