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Revealed! 2 Popular Clubs Where Big Boys Party In V.I

Lagos is the home of fun-seekers and party rockers. It provides you conducive atmosphere that will enable you to party hard. With the sun, sea, and numerous bubbling hot spots where real good music is played.

Lagos is arguably Nigeria’s ‘party central spot. There’s no dull moment in Lagos. There ain’t no party like a Lagos party,….” sang a famous musician, Banky W, and oh yes we all agree! Lagos is the city where we work and play twice as hard, which is quite impressive because we need to be rewarded after the hustle and bustle, everyone in the city is determined to enjoy and live his/her life to the fullest. The city booms with quite a number of nightspots to ease off the day’s stress and provide quality relaxation.

When it comes to nightlife, it can be said that Victoria Island stays well lit at night with a large number of nightclubs, bars, stores and restaurants that operate 24 hours. Now,  only 2 are making waves and living up to the proper standard. The two clubs happen to be the talk of the town.

Club DNA: the home for the Lagos big boys, known for its celebrities. DNA has gone far in setting the pace for the nightlife experience in Lagos. The club is not like the regular ones. It boasts a hybrid that is tastefully designed for a fulfilling night out for patrons.

Do you know what a red room feels like? From the name, you can tell that it is strictly premium. Lagos Big Boys like to club in the red room despite the fact that the tables are more expensive. A small red room usually parades foreign beautiful strippers. For many big boys, luxury and intriguing lifestyle begin at Club DNA, Club DNA Lagos is located at 76 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Everything about the club is top-notch from the interiors to its services. Their DJ gives you the best music that suits every mood. Remember that at the DNA Club, there is no dull vibes.

Yes, Club DNA is number one in the game. It sure knows how to unwind its guests. The club opens from 10 pm to 6 am every day. Every night, the club parades a large number of guests who are there to unwind. This place gives the best fun. When most other clubs are rounding off their party, it is just starting at DNA. The Club is in a good location for anyone looking for a groovy place to catch night fun or rock the weekend to the fullest. If you’re looking for a nightclub that wouldn’t waste your time on the things you ordered, then the place is for you as it always has menu items you request readily available. The club is frequently recommended for its good services and well-mannered staff, who know how to treat patrons right.

Club Victoria: COLOMBIA is the newest addition to the Lagos nightclub list. The most exclusive and luxury adult playground in Africa. Located in the heart of VI, Club Victoria also known as the play empire, Colombia is strictly for the big boys. Luxury begins in Play Empire. In-Play Empire, your club and dance. The club might be scary, but the vibes are top-notch. It has a stage on which dancers and gorillas have a field day all night long, making guests scream. The music experience is awesome and the cuisine would leave you wanting more. On the whole, Play Empire provides a nightclubbing vibe that’ll keep you coming back. The club is beautifully designed with Egyptian interiors, everywhere is dark with an energetic aura and atmosphere that will make you want to party for 36 hours straight. The Dj in the Club Victoria happens to be the best in his choice of music which is top-notch. If you are looking for a place to spend your money in silence and not be seen by anyone, then Club Victoria is the place to be. Its music is commendable and its standby electricity generator allows the environment to look steadily cosy and comfortable. The secured car park at the club is another facility that makes one feel at home.

- Precious Pomaa

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