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REVEALED: How TINUBU Makes Millions Abroad - Details Of His Investments

So many people often ask the question about where Asiwaju Bola Tinubu made his money. This is because he hardly talks about his portfolio of investments many don’t know how he made his money. All they know is that he is a man with a large heart.

He is a man whom many run to for help and no matter the issues you took to him, he solves them instantly, and no matter the problem, he supports you financially that literally, everyone smiles home. How did Asiwaju start making money and what are the businesses he is into? He once spoke about it how he started making money shortly after he finished his school abroad before relocating back to the country and other people close to him also revealed some of his business affiliations abroad where he makes millions.

Asiwaju Tinubu always had the desire to travel abroad but never had the opportunity, until the day life served him the opportunity on a platter of gold. While schooling in Chicago, Tinubu did some menial jobs,. Because he had several sources of income, he no longer depended on his family in Nigeria for money. He was a very brilliant student, he maintained his position as the best student from the beginning of the academic year until the end. His excellent performance earned him a scholarship and also qualified him to tutor in the accounting department.

Tinubu graduated as the best student in his class. As the best graduating student in his class, he was eligible for several job offers from big accounting firms in the United States. Some of the firms were Arthur Andersen, Arthur Young, Ernst and Whinney, Peat Marwick and Mitchell, Deloitte, IBM, Arthur Young, Deloitte, Haskins and Sells, etc.

Tinubu had the option of picking just one company. He would have picked the highest paying job but his professor advised that he choose a company where he would learn and be relevant to his country. This made him choose Deloitte and Touche because their clients are in the oil and gas sector since Nigeria is an oil-producing country.

After a successful career at Deloitte and Touche, he went on to work with General Telephone and Electronics (GTE). While at GTE, he experienced first-hand racism and discrimination, so he resigned and went on to work at Mobil, United Kingdom.

Tinubu once revealed in a lengthy interview he granted The News magazines, he narrated how one of his working trips as Auditor of Deloitte and Touché, made him an instant millionaire. He puts it, “we had gone there to set up their accounting and auditing system. it was while on that service I got my financial break. When I returned to the united states, my employers rewarded me with a huge bonus, which constantly turned me into a millionaire. The bonus was 850 thousand dollars, before taxes. My salary was also being paid into the bank and I was not touching them, at the time, my salary deposits had risen to about a 1.8million dollars. I bought a house from the money and invested the rest in the United States. I was living well. I was living in one of the most influential neighbourhoods in the south of Chicago”.

Thereafter he stayed back working for several years in the US before returning to Nigeria to serve as an accounting executive for Mobil.

While working in the US, Tinubu spread his tentacles to other lucrative businesses and had stakes in many big conglomerates abroad as testified to by the Director-General, Asiwaju Support Group Management Council, and a former member of the House of Representatives from Kano State, Abdulmumin Jibrin in a Special publication by The News on Asiwaju Tinubu. In his words, he revealed some other businesses Asiwaju is involved in abroad. “This man did not get into politics as a poor man. I can assure you that no senator of the federal republic of Nigeria is a poor man. He went into politics as a senator of the federal republic. It is in public glare that this man has business in his DNA, both in exporting and the rest. All the people are fully aware that he was sponsoring pro-democracy struggles almost singlehandedly. Nobody has come out with a contrary opinion to the pro-democracy activism in the mid-nineties all through. So why are they asking from where he was getting all that money?. And over the years, here is a man who has had investments all over the world, a massive shareholding in Apple inc. I was surprised later, while watching a football match with him, to get to know that he is a shareholder in Manchester United (football club) So he has been in business and if we put that aside, for somebody of his calibre and the level he has attained in politics, not only in Nigeria but all over the world, Asiwaju will have enormous goodwill”.

Also in the same publication, Taiwo Ogundipe, a journalist and author titled his article, From the refugee life to Lagos State House and took excerpts from Tinubu’s forthcoming book, Pathfinder, the life and Politics of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu where he revealed one of Asiwaju’s businesses when he was in exile. He narrated how Tinubu was shuttling between UK and US, making his hideout a house of exile while also getting in touch with his wife and children in Nigeria providing sustenance for them. He wrote’ He would also provide sustenance for the person and members of his family through his investments, especially his Gas station in Washington DC is run by his wife, Oluremi”. Tinubu’s other reported investments include TVC stations in Lagos and The Nation Newspapers and other property businesses also abroad and in Nigeria.



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