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Hollandia Strengthens Bond With Northern NIGERIAN Consumers

Hollandia, Nigeria's leading dairy brand, is deepening its strong connection with Northern Nigerian consumers who are prioritizing dairy consumption by choosing Hollandia Evaporated Milk and Hollandia Yoghurt as their preferred milk and drinking yoghurt for moments of wholesome nourishment.

Through television commercials, out-of-home boards, radio jingles, and activations in several cities across Northern Nigeria, the brand is reiterating its functional and emotional value to consumers in a relatable language.

A cross-section of consumers in Jos, Plateau, and Wuse, Abuja stated that the already beloved Hollandia Yoghurt and Hollandia Evaporated Milk have grown even more popular since television and radio commercials recently began airing as the products resonate with their local needs and way of life.

Some residents in Jos, where Hollandia Evaporated Milk is becoming popular with local tea sellers popularly known as Mai chai, spoke on the ever-growing acceptance enjoyed by the product.

Musa Bello, a marketing executive with Bestcom Ventures, stated that his early morning routine involves a stop at a local Mai chai (tea seller) to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee for a healthy and wholesome start to his day. He observed that in some of the Mai Shai shops he visited, Hollandia Evaporated Milk was commonly requested by consumers.

“Upon enquiry, I was told by Alhaji Idris, my favourite tea seller, that Hollandia Evaporated Milk was preferred. My guess is that the renewed campaign by the brand to further connect with consumers is gaining traction” he stated.

Thirty-eight-year-old Samson Gonsum who lives in Abuja stated that the ongoing Hollandia radio and marketing activations are very noticeable in the city.

“Hollandia has done well in communicating its value to us the consumers in the north. We are glad about the brand's ability to communicate and relate with our lifestyle here” he noted.

Marketing Director, CHI Limited, Toyin Nnodi, stated that the commercials and activations enable Hollandia maintain and enhance its deep connection with Northern Nigeria as the preferred brand for dairy nourishment and healthy living in the region.

“We are thrilled to continue to impact the lives of our consumers in Northern Nigeria, with whom we have developed a strong connection as a result of the role we play in their daily lives with the dairy nourishment our brands provide,” she said.

Hollandia Evap Milk and Hollandia Yoghurt are available in Chi Shoppe, departmental stores, markets, and neighbourhood kiosks across Northern Nigeria.

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