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K1's Wife, EMMANUELLA Steps Up Her Style

Since the legendary fuji star, K1  tied the knot with his latest wife, Emmanuella, a few months back in Abeokuta, Ogun State at an elaborate wedding ceremony held in Abeokuta, the wife’s social status has changed.

Give it up for Emmanuel Ropo Marshal, despite already being a public figure within the society, she levelled up with her new status as Kwam 1’s wife and has fitted into her new role perfectly well. She has become the toast of many paparazzi at events right now and even on social media, anything she posts goes viral immediately most especially if it is about her husband. She has been a regular feature at major Owambes in Lagos and other states making statements with her presence.

To pep up her role as Kwam 1’s wife, and for her husband who also holds a big Maiyegun title in Yorubaland, Emmanuella has no choice but to complement her husband every time. No wonder, her outings have been limited to A-list parties and now many celebrity women are gravitating towards her and also want her to be at their parties.

The beautiful wife of the legendary Fuji singer, Emmanuella Aderopo is a complete package.

The leggy beauty, is a titled chief in Otun Igbehin, Abeokuta. She holds the traditional title of Otun Iyalode of Igbehin in Abeokuta which means the custodian of style.

No doubt, the fact that she got married to Kwam 1 has made her fashion style skyrocket. Emmanuella has always been a stylish lady, but she stepped her style up immediately after she got married to her husband. She also needs to level up to her Otun Iyalode chieftaincy title bestowed on her in Igbein as a custodian of style, and also level up to her husband’s title as the Maiyegun of Yoruba Land. Emmanuella Ropo Marshal is pretty no doubt and hardly will you see her rock any outfit that does not fit her. She also has a very beautiful stature to go with whatever she wears and glowing skin.

Though she has limited the many parties she attends now except the big ones she often attends with her husband, whenever she steps out for those events, you can be sure that she will wow everyone. Her recent outing was at Ago-Iwoye where she stormed the burial party of Goldmyne TV boss, father with her husband. She looked so beautiful in her Aso-Ebi lace and gold headgear. She jazzed her style up with a lovely intertwined gold necklace.

 Be it in English, casual or native wear, Emmanuella does not disappoint. She is also a lover of jewellery. Before her marriage to K1, she does not really go out of her way with loud jewellery, but now, she stocks exquisite jewellery in different types to complement the different colours of her outfit.

We also noticed that she loves to pep up her face most of the time with good makeup by top make-up artists. One thing you will also notice in her is her red lips, Emmanuella loves the red lip colour and this suits her very well. She goes the extra mile when it comes to her birthday photoshoots. In fact, she does more photoshoots on a regular basis now apart from her birthdays because she has to constantly show what her fans will drool on, she goes for choice shoes and purses as well.

Switching from native to corporate or English look comes easily to Emmanuella and this is evident in the choice of outfits she wears for different occasions. She stocks beautiful fabrics like the expensive chantilly and HOH laces and many others.

Style surely lives with Emmanuella that she makes the best-dressed list at any party. Now that her fashion style has taken a higher dimension, she has become the toast of many paparazzi anytime she gets to an event. Many people look up to her style which is not revealing but well put together.

Her marriage to K1 has further strengthened her presence at many parties because many people want to associate with her as the new wife of Kwam 1 to also stamp their unflinching love for Kwam 1.

Emmanuella has become someone to watch out for at parties right now because she has taken her fashion style to another level.


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