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Northern Cabal Set To Mobilise Votes For ATIKU

 ...As South-West People Queue Behind TINUBU


Do you know that the recent victory of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the APC presidential candidate did not go down well with a group of Northern politicians who dread power shifting to the South, come 2023 presidential elections?

Yes, we can confirm that authoritatively. We can also reveal that The Cabal, made up of top Northern politicians and opinion moulders (mainly Fulani) has begun moves to start canvassing for votes for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential hopeful, who is a Fulani.

They feel it is only the victory of Atiku over Tinubu that can keep power safely in the North. Already, some of the proponents of this view who are in APC have started reaching out quietly, to the grassroot to see if they can convince Northerners to see Atiku as the man who will help guarantee the continuation of the North in power.

Revealed an insider, because of the unpopularity of their position, it has been difficult for them to come out openly to advocate, mobilising votes for Atiku.

The Cabal has already reached out to some of the Nothern APC Governors to support their narrative.

City People gathered that what they have against Tinubu was how he outsmarted them at the last APC presidential primary.

Insiders revealed that months to the primary, Asiwaju wriggled out of all the stumbling blocks put his way to frustrate him.

Going by their plan, revealed the insider, the primary was not supposed to take place at all. The APC presidential candidate was supposed to have been picked through Consensus, but it was Asiwaju’s last-minute efforts that made that impossible to achieve.

The way they had planned it, the President was just expected to pick the candidate from the list of aspirants and others were supposed to just step down at the primaries. That Tinubu got the buy-in of the Northern APC governors to zone the slot to the South didn’t go down well with the Cabal. That they couldn’t force Senate President, Ahmed Lawan on the party a few days before the primary got them even angrier.

City People gathered that Tinubu is aware of all these moves being made by the Cabal and has put his own counter-offensive in place. Part of it is to visit a lot of the key players in the North to plead for understanding and support. Over the last few days, Tinubu has been up in Abuja, meeting with key Northern personalities. He has also alerted the APC Northern governors of that grand plot by the Cabal to get Northerners to vote for Atiku, so as to shame him.

Meanwhile, as this move is going on, Tinubu has been receiving more support from across the South-West. A lot of key personalities have decided to queue behind Tinubu.

City People has also discovered that many of those who at the outset didn’t support Tinubu have changed their minds.

A cross-section of South-West people who City People spoke to recently explained that going by the situation of things in the country, it will be foolhardy for them to vote for a Northerner now. They believe that a Tinubu presidency will put an instant end to Banditry, Kidnapping and the general Insecurity pervading the country. Some also say that Tinubu has the magic wand to revive the ailing economy, among other things.

The general view among the Yoruba intelligentsia is that Tinubu is the only seasoned Yoruba politician, with guts, who can stand up to the machinations of the Northern Cabal which desires to continue Northern rule.

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