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SuperTV Excites Abeokuta Town with Consumer Activation

SuperTV continued its consumer activation across the major towns in Abeokuta. This is to ensure the company rewards enough of their loyal and prospective consumers in all major parts of Abeokuta city. To achieve that goal SuperTV visited major places such asLafenwa market, Oke-Ilewo, Panseke, Omida, and Sapon. Other places include Kemta housing estate, Lantoro hospital road, and Ijaiye to share the SuperTV experience.

It was electric, it was fun, everywhere the train stopped to share the SuperTV entertainment world; as consumers had the opportunity to download free SuperTV Apps and subscribe to watch SuperTV movies free. Residents enjoyed the frill and trills of SuperTV entertainment as residents and participants joined the team in dance, competitions, and fun. “Today, SuperTV brought joy to my life, and the lives of other residents in Abeokuta,” said OluwaTobilola.“For a long time, we have not experienced this kind of fun in the Lafenwa market. SuperTV made us happy by giving us the chance to download, subscribe and watch their movies with free airtime. That is really nice.”

One thing that made so many people happy was that they could watch a movie with mere 200-naira airtime which is even like the cost of a bottle of Coke. That to Gerrard Christian, a trader, is a new experience. “I thought you could only watch a movie with data. Now, just now, I downloaded SuperTV App, subscribed to a bouquet, and I am already watching a movie on my phone. This is wonderful!


As the Abeokuta residents are savouring the joy of downloading and subscribing to watch SuperTV movies with airtime instead of data, the SuperTV train is preparing for Ibadan, the next destination. Surely, the Ibadan people having heard of the SuperTV story in Abeokuta are gearing up to participate in the blooming SuperTV entertainment world.

The SuperTV nationwide campaign is aimed at appreciating Nigerians for their support since the inception of the company. It is also designed to reward consumers for their patronage of the incredible SuperTV packages and to give prospective customers an opportunity to subscribe to the exciting and entertaining SuperTV programmes. The market activation will encourage new consumers to download the SuperTV App and subscribe to the zero data platform.


SuperTV offers Nigerians a hard-to-beat value-add proposition -Affordability& Convenience. Given the prevailing economic challenges in the country, SuperTV offers affordable subscription packages that allow subscribers several options to choose from depending on their purchasing power, and they can choose daily, weekly, or monthly subscriptions; this makes SuperTV an inclusive brand that is offering great entertainment to everyone. This access to affordable entertainment through SuperTV's unique streaming technology allows subscribers to watch Live TV and various movies and series on the go without using their data, ensuring Zero data streaming.


The high cost of data remains a huge impediment to the growth of the streaming business and SuperTV’s unique offering of zero data for streaming has adequately addressed the high data concerns that Nigerians have faced over time. “From Day One, SuperTV emerged with a powerful hard-to-beat market entry strategy, based on a“ZERO DATA” proposition; and partners with Nigeria’s largest telecom Network, MTN - to ensure access to her products and services everywhere you go, with the MTN wide network coverage. With SuperTV, subscribers enjoy great entertainment on a zero data platform, once the subscription has been made with available airtime. Various bouquets are available on SuperTV – VOD bouquets – Premium Plan, Basic Plan, Live TV, and Kiddies bouquets.


The SuperTV product and service offerings are powerful, and they meet the entertainment need of the consumers who are constantly yawning for programmes that give them maximum entertainment satisfaction. With SuperTV content, packaged in wholesome and exciting bouquets, all a consumer needs is an experience in the incredible world of SuperTV Entertainment. “According to the Acting CEO, SuperTV, Mrs Ijeoma Onah, “We are engaging in this market activation to bring to the consciousness of Nigerians the offers available to them on SuperTV. We want to give every Nigerian the opportunity to test and enjoy our packages specially designed for the Nigerian and African entertainment, with our local and international movies and shows”.

To subscribe to the SuperTV bouquets using a short code is easy:

To subscribe to the Try-Out Bouquet which enables you to try out everything on the platform for a one-day validity, text STD to 33150. This will only cost N200-naira airtime. If you are lucky to be at the experiential activation, you will get to enjoy free airtime to enable you subscribe.

Other bouquets available are the Premium plan, Basic plan and Live TV with validity that covers Daily, Weekly, and Monthly subscriptions. There are many more bouquets to match every segment of the society including Kiddies Zone with fantastic Daily, Weekly, and Monthly offerings. Reports indicate that kids are loving it big with SuperTV entertainment. They applaud the varieties offered in their bouquet. To learn more about the various bouquets and subscriptions visit www.supertv.ng

Mrs Onah further says that“Nigerians are in for a good time, as this campaign kickstarts from Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital, on Thursday, June 16. Thereafter, we move to Ibadan and then to Lagos, before proceeding to the East and the Northern parts of the country.”She reiterates that consumers will benefit from downloading the SuperTV App and subscribing to win various gifts and rewards from the company. “For us,” she said, “it is one way to thank Nigerians for their loyalty, and also to respond to their needs and demands to enhance our market penetration into all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria. To accomplish this goal, we will also use this campaign to recruit more SuperTV sales agents to represent us in different parts of Nigeria.”

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