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10 Igbo Big Boys Who Play BIG In Real Estate

The Igbo are a big force in the Lagos real estate business. Many of these guys come to the sector with a lot of funds, running into billions of naira.

Their massive investments can’t be underestimated. There is a general belief in some quarters, that the Igbos dominate the landed property in Lagos. Many of these guys are billionaires who have hit it big in the sector. This week, ISAAC ABIMBADE brings to you 10 Igbo big boys we hardly talk about in the real estate business.



Chief Samuel Odinamadu plays big in real estate.. He’s the Chief Executive Officer of SKC Properties Ltd. He’s one of the leading property development players in Lagos. He’s currently building housing units on Orchid Hotel road, opposite Eleganza bus stop, Ikota, Lekki, Lagos. He is one of the property players who have done well this year. Presently, his housing estates have become hot cakes for celebrities who desire luxury, comfort, and quality houses.

Chief Samuel delved into real estate. About a few years ago to fulfil his long-term ambition. He used to sell electronic products in Alaba Market in Lagos before he moved to real estate construction. Today, he has become one of the best property developers in that sector.



He’s the GMD/CEO of Periwinkle Residences, a luxury real estate company in Lagos State. Me Chiedu Nweke has over three decades of experience, and expertise in Law, real estate development, investment, transportation and logistics, oil waste management, and regulatory compliance. Chiedu is a brilliant leader whose vision is to build a firm that would become the most trusted brand in the real estate sector in Nigeria.

Over the few years, he has been able to contribute massively to the growth of real estate in Lagos.

He brings extensive experience from his experience in Law, with almost three decades in the practice and 15 years holding top management positions in reputable multinational firms. He conceived and founded Orange Island, and Periwinkle Lifestyle Estate, Lekki Phase I, in Lagos.



This is another person who hardly makes noise in the business of real estate but he plays big. In fact, he has more than 20 mini-housing estates to his name. In the Lekki-Ajah axis, precisely in Chevy-View Estate, this property guru has been doing wonderful housing projects in the last few years. Chief Ishmael Emeka Udenka is the Chairman of Lucky Gardens Estates. He is another top Igbo real estate player in that industry.



Jeffrey Agbim is also doing well in the area of construction. He is the CEO of Jedmoon Properties. Jeffery is one of those property developers who has an eye for luxury housing. All his housing estates are well built and to taste. No wonder many Lagos celebrities patronize him. Currently, his projects are scattered across the breadth and length of the Lekki corridor. He is also the biggest property developer behind the popular Conservation Centre in Lekki, called JEDMOON Phase 1, 2, and 3. A few months back, he got himself a black Rolls Royce automobile. And this young man just returned from Europe, where he a toured many European countries



What about the MD of Yankees Construction & Company, Mr David Ezeodo? He is a top property developer, in Osapa London, to be precise. Currently, he builds in large quantities and sells to many rich people. His kind of housing project is unique and uncommon. He doesn’t build for commoners. Most of his houses come with luxury and are smartly built.

He is a young man who has done well for himself before he relocated to Nigeria a few years ago to start another life in real estate. He is one developer who has most of his housing estates in one location. He is one of the biggest property players in Osapa environs.



Chief Emeka Uzoeto is the CEO/MD of 1st Homes Limited; a reputable construction company. Chief Emeka is undoubtedly one of the top property players in Lekki presently. He has built over 40 mini-housing estates in the last few years. He has ongoing housing projects in Osapa London, Victory Park, Agungi, Chevron area, all in Lekki. He has become one of the biggest property developers in the Lekki axis. He is well respected among his peers for his many outstanding projects that cut across highbrow areas of Lagos.

In the last few years, he has also done well on the popular Ochird Road in Lekki, Lagos.



Obih Tochi is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Director, Woodland Estate. This is one of the Igbo youngest real estate billionaires in Lekki people hardly talk about. He has built dozens of mini-estates and they are not just ordinary housing estates. He builds luxury houses for special personalities in society. The Woodland Estate has become the major brand in real estate every celebrity wants to have a part in.



Chief Ifeanyi is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Growth Properties, a real estate development company in Lekki, Lagos. This housing estate, led by Chief Ifeanyi, has built massively in Ikate-Lekki, Agungi and other unique areas in Lekki. The MD is one of the youngest property developers who has carved a big niche for himself. He is one of the big boys in the real estate industry who has won several awards and accolades. He was honoured last year at the City People Real Estate Awards for His Major Contribution to the development of real estate, not only in Lagos but in Nigeria.



We cannot also forget Chief Murphy Osuala, the Managing Director of Empire Homes, the popular Property Development company in Lagos. He has although he has already established himself as a big player in that industry. He has massive housing projects behind Chevron’s head office in Lekki, Lagos. He also has another housing estate on Orchid Hotel road, opposite Eleganza House, Lekki. Chief Murphy has been in real estate for decades. He is one of the few real estate developers who was honoured for his contribution to the real estate sector last year.



Awaogu Stanley is another name that needs to be talked about. He’s the Managing Director, Grace Bounty Properties. This is a relatively new company but, it has found its feet in the sector. The MD has promised to make 2022 a year of a turnaround for the company, which he’s done, so far. He’s one of the big players who is rocking the real estate sector and he promises to do better in the coming years.


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