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Do you know that star actresses Toyin Abraham & Liz Anjorin are friends again? They have. And that is authoritative. The rift between Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin started in 2019 when an Instagram blog reported that Lizzy was held and searched for drug peddling during her Hajj trip to Saudi Arabia. After her ordeal, it was gathered from an investigation that Toyin Abraham leaked the story to blogs. This fight was one of the worst fights in the industry. It was really messy and didn’t look like it was going to end anytime soon. It got so bad, that it became a big war between Toyin’s die-hard fans (Titans) and Lizzy Anjorin’s fans.

Lizzy also allegedly accused Toyin of running the popular blog called gistlovers and other several Instagram accounts to troll her and her other colleagues in the industry. The fight became more intense again after Toyin had her baby and Lizzy was accused of not sending a message to congratulate her and this resulted in another war between Toyin’s fans and Lizzy’s fans. Toyin’s fans insulted Lizzy and Toyin was quiet about it and it got Lizzy angry because she believes Toyin has the power to calm her fans down. The fight between these two became very messy and were both not ready to put an end to it until the President of TAMPAN Mr Latin and Veteran actor Yinka Quadri had to call them to order.

Also when Lizzy had her baby in the U.S, she revisited the bullying and trolling she has been facing from Toyin’s fans with regard to having her baby delivered in the U.S, and according to her, Toyin once again created a fake Ig account to bully her, with the claim that she did not carry the pregnancy herself nor did she give birth in Florida U.S.A.

These two successful actresses after being at each other’s throats for close to 4 years have both decided to let the sleeping dog lie. Just a few days ago, Lizzy Anjorin took fans by surprise when she displayed Toyin Abraham’s son’s picture on her page to celebrate his birthday. Fans took to the comment section to express their joy in the new development. Then a few days later, Toyin also shared some vital information on her Instagram page concerning the rifts between the two of them. According to her, the Police have concluded an investigation into the matter, saying “Lizzy Anjorin and I no longer have issues”.

She also added that Lizzy Anjorin apologised to her over the matter at the Police Station after the investigation showed she was not at fault. “It is important that I make these clarifications and share the information, especially after the conclusion of the Police investigation”. “Lizzy Anjorin and I, we no longer have issues, Yes, I have to get the police involved. The investigations revealed that did not wrong her. She ran with the comment of a fan which did not come from me. At the Police Station, we tabled our grievances and she apologised we have since moved on.

“This clarification is important for some reasons the Police have concluded their investigations and I need to let the public know. “And please, I am begging, anything that has to do with me and Lizzy is now in the past. I beg you. And I also want to beg everyone, every child is my child no matter how the case may be. Please kindly take children out of it. I am on my knees. I am begging. Thank you and love you all.

“Lastly, I want to say a huge thanks to all my fans for always supporting my brand and loving me unconditionally”. Toyin Abraham sure has die-hard fans. Recall when Lizzy Anjorin alledged Toyin was living a fake lifestyle, had her baby in “Ile Alagbo” and lied that she had the baby in the U.S, these die-hard fans went in thousand to Lizzy’s Instagram page to fight Lizzy and support Toyin. The duo has since ended everything and moved on.

These two beautiful stars are presently rated among the successful stars in the industry. Though Lizzy rarely features in movies anymore like she did a few years ago, concentrating more on business and she is doing extremely well, running a business empire. While Toyin Abraham a.k.a. “World Best” is rated one of the very best actresses cum movie producers in the movie industry with lots of achievements to show for her hardwork.

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