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Why K1 Has Been Fully Booked Till Next Year

King of Fuji music, K1 is a very lucky man. He is blessed with the Grace of God. And he has become increasingly lucky with the wide acceptance that his music has received globally. That he is popular is no longer in doubt. That his music is widely acceptable is not debatable.

Over the last 3 years, he has moved from Glory to Glory. He himself has stepped up his game. He has made his music very appealing to the vast majority and he has made Fuji music danceable.

No wonder, there is a huge demand for him.

Practically everyone wants him to play at their party. People now book months ahead to get a slot. People approach him first before they pick a date for their parties because it may change if K1 is not free on the day they chose.

Last week, City People confirmed that K1 has been fully booked till March next year. And all the bookings are fully paid for. That is why he now plays twice a day from Mondays to Sundays.

Almost every day, he has shows across the country. He was in Abuja a few days ago and he locked down the city. It was at the birthday party of Abuja just real estate player, T. Pumpy.

Many flew into Abuja to dance to K1’s music. A day before the Abuja show he performed somewhere else. The next day he performed at another location. Most times, he now has 2 shows a day and he copes well.

He also drives himself once it's a long journey. He loves to drive himself. He loves to be behind the wheels. He loves strong vehicles.

He loves Jeeps. He loves Hilux Jeeps. Because he travels a lot he goes for solid vehicles.

Why is his music in high demand? Why do many celebrities want K1 or Wasiu, as some choose to call him to play at their parties?

It is because they love his music. It is also because they love the rhythm of his songs. And his music is danceable. He knows what to sing that will put all the ladies on their feet. Many of them can mime his songs from A to Z. That is how hooked they are on his music.

Born Wasiu Omogbolahan Olasunkanmi Adewale Ayinde Marshal on 3 March 1957, he popularized a brand of the Fuji genre based on the work of the Fuji creator Ayinde Barrister known as Talazo Fuji that appeals to all age groups, irrespective of tribe and background.

He discovered his interest in music when he was 8. His parents initially opposed his desire to be a musician but he continued to pursue his passion and by the time he was 15 he had won various local musical competitions. He later became a member, of Ayinde Barrister’s band, The Supreme Fuji Commanders from 1975 to 1978 after previously serving under him as Instrument packer. He also adopted the name of Ayinde into his name after seeking the permission and blessing of his master, Ayinde Barrister. He released his first album titled Iba with the special track ‘Abode Mecca’ in 1980, and thereafter, his most successful album Talazo ’84 in 1984. He has won many titles and several music awards.

K1 began his global tour between North America and Europe in 1986 and performed at Hammersmith Town Hall in 1987. That was followed by New York City, United States with full Talazo Band on Sep. 28 1990, London Yuppie 1 & 2 Nights 1991/92, European Tour 1995, Berlin 1997, North America (the USA & Canada ’98), Canada 2000, and USA Tour 2003. He has continued non-stop touring annually since. In 1995 he delivered the first Fuji performance ever at WOMAD Festival. He is also the only Fuji musician to perform at Troxy, WOMEX and SOB.

He  has many Chieftaincy titles and Awards, such as Badabarawu of Ogijo in 1985, Ekerin Amuludun of Ibadanland in 1986,

Golden Mercury of Africa Title in 1986, Honoris Causa of Music at Saint John University Bakersfield California USA in 1989, Crown as King of Fuji, (Oluaye Fuji Music) at NTA Ibadan in 1993. The Oluomo of Lagos by King Adeyinka Oyekan of Lagos in 1999. On Monday, January 13, 2020, he was installed by the late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi as the first Mayegun of Yorubaland.


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