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Popular Energy Drink, FEARLESS Energizes Consumers With New Brand Slogan 'Embrace The Thrill'


The premium award-winning Fearless energy drink, from the stable of Rite Foods Limited, the leading brand in the energy drink market, will continue to revitalize consumers with its Classic and Red Berry flavours as it is set to unveil a new mantra 'Embrace the Thrill' in its new television commercial.

The World-Class and Proudly-Nigerian company introduced the Fearless Classic and Fearless Red Berry brands into the Nigerian market in June 2017, with the first-ever packaged polyethene terephthalate (PET) bottle, which has since been imitated by competitors.

With the slogan 'Embrace the Thrill,' the Fearless brand has demonstrated that it would continue to rejuvenate consumers to become braver and more adventurous, to activate their dreams to attain success.

It motivates consumers to go beyond their limits and not be laid back by the number of rejections they have received in time past. The brand, through its new pay-off also encourages them to be daring, and energetic, to exhibit the willpower to excel, be enthusiastic in their endeavours, and be vigorous.

Given that, Asst. Brand Manager; Fearless Energy Drink, Kanyinsola Sangowawa, stated that the new tagline of the market leader in the energy drink segment with its unique variants and flavours will continue to dominate other brands in its category as exemplified through its inventiveness, and the distinctiveness that goes with it.

She said the new slogan, Embrace the Thrill, offers all its consumers the unquenchable desire to make a difference in their endeavours, with its positive energy.

As an award-winning brand, Fearless energy drink, produced in a world-class factory, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and up-to-date technology, has embarked on lots of sponsorship initiatives that truly demonstrate its leading position in the industry, especially in the area of sports having sponsored FanFaro Auto-Fest; The Fearless edition 2022  which further reinforced its market leadership in the food and beverage sector, thus helping in sports development and community/nation-building.

In entertainment, the Fearless energy drink, among other initiatives, powered Felabration 2021 with a posthumous award presented to the late Afrobeat King, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti for his legendary role in the music industry.  Similarly, the Max Live Musical Concert was sponsored by Max FM 102.3, with the theme "Music Experience" and the slogan "Party of all Parties," for young talented artists.  who, after wonderful performances, eulogised the quality brand for advancing their course of becoming superstars in the future.

These and other initiatives were responsible for the laurel earned at the Brandcom 2021 awards as the "Most Outstanding Energy Drink Brand of the Year," thus placing it ahead of others in its category. It was adjudged as the leading brand because of its inventiveness and numerous contributions to the industry, talent promotion, ideapreneurship, and societal development.

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