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10 Actresses Whose Daughters Are Popular On INSTAGRAM

These movie stars are household names and they have paid their dues in the entertainment industry.they have not only made a success out of their careers but are also blessed with daughters, who don’t only share a similar resemblance but can easily pass as twins any time of the day. most times, they share pictures of themselves on IG with matching outfits, which makes lots of people admire them a great deal.some of these their gorgeous daughters have become celebrities on their own, few are already big-time movie stars, some maintain a low profile but once in a while, they share stunning pictures most especially on special occasions, some are a brand influencer, ambassadors and trust me, they are doing well and will even be more famous than their mothers later in life.

Below are the movie actresses’ daughters we can’t help but admire and celebrate, even though some don’t want to really be in the limelight, but a golden fish doesn’t have a hiding place.

Is a celebrity on her own, she is even more famous than her mother Rita Daniel in the industry, but the fact still remains that, her mother is an actress and she got into the industry through the help of her mother, she started up as a kid actress. right now she is the most famous young actress in the movie industry with 7.4 million followers on IG, she features in lots of blockbuster movies and she also runs a foundation that Carters for children. Regina rating increased drastically in the entertainment industry, when she got married traditionally to billionaire Ned Nwoko and she also gained more respect in the industry especially with her husband as a member of the trustee of the patrons of the actors guild of Nigeria.

Is the pretty daughter of star actress Iyabo ojo.take it or leave it, Priscilla is a celebrity on her own with close to 900 thousand of followers on lG.she is a brand influencer, brand ambassador to lots of reputable companies, she is also the CEO of Prichy close, which deals with designer clothes and accessories.she started by featuring in movies and music videos as well. Besides being a very smart and talented young lady, she is equally blessed with a good look and her fashion sense is top-notch.

Is another beautiful and highly talented actresses in the movie industry, she is equally one of the very best young actresses in the industry. she got into the industry through her mother Uche Nancy, one of the best female filmmakers in the industry, producing blockbuster movies back to back.chinenye is the last daughter of the four girls and she is doing perfectly well in the industry.

Is Mercy Aigbe’s pretty ebony daughter, who aside from being a brand influencer, operates a makeup line, and guess what, Michelle is blessed with a good dress sense like her mother. she knows how to cross the t’s and dot the I’s when it comes to fashion. despite schooling in Canada, she still dishing out different videos on YouTube.Michelle who is just 18 has close to 630k followers on IG.

These are the two gorgeous daughters of movie icon Omotola Jalade. Princess who happens to be the first daughter share a close resemblance to her mum, they could easily pass for a twin, she often steps out her mum, and fans can not help but always admire the Ekeinde queens. Also Omotola’s second daughter Meraiah is a beauty to behold,she was a one-time brand ambassador for knorr seasoning, these pretty ladies are not just blessed with beauty but with brain also and they are always a delight to watch on IG.

is the pretty daughter of popular Yoruba actress Sikiratu Sindodo, one can hardly believe Naomi is her daughter, as they both look like twin sisters. the actress doesn’t like bringing her out at all, she wants her to enjoy her private life, so she only celebrates her on special occasions but pretty Naomi also has a personal page with loads of followers, trying to build her own identity.

Is the beautiful daughter of actress Lola Alao, she runs a foundation Damilola Ogunlana foundation which caters for children fights against child abuse and molestation.few years ago, she relocated to Canada with her mum, and presently studying family law in Canada, though she prefers maintaining a low profile but gradually coming out of her shell.she shares similar looks with her mum and blessed with a curvy shape.

Is Annie and 2face Idibia’s daughter, she is a star on her own, having featured in lots of movies and series, unlike most of these young ladies that look like their mum, Isabella is her dad’s duplicate and she is equally doing well in the industry, we can’t help but celebrate this beautiful and talented young star.

Adunoluwa from is the late Moji Olaiya pretty daughter, she lost her mum at age 19 as an undergraduate of international law and diplomacy at Babcock University also left with a 3 months old baby, she braced up and struggled, leaving with her grandma in Magodo. Today Adunoluwa is graduate and turned out to be a very strong, determined and beautiful woman, though, she has been maintaining a low profile with close to 30k followers on IG,we can’t help but admire the strong and beautiful woman she has become and sure the late Moji Olaiya anywhere she is will be proud too.

Rachel Nwafor is popular actress Regina Chukwu’s daughter and brand ambassador for triple glow cream.she is also this young and quiet looking beautiful lady who always twin with her mum on IG, she clocked 19 recently and guess what, the proud mum used the entire day to celebrate “her mother’s daughter” as she fondly calls her to celebrate her. Rachel has over 30k followers on IG, trust me this young lady is definitely going to be more famous than her mum.

Ifeoluwa is the mini version of curvy actress Biodun Okeowo. She is beautiful and keeps to herself, .lots of fans always use every opportunity to praise Abiodun Okeowo for giving her daughter the wright upbringing.ifeoluwa is only popular on her mother’s page because she has given her permission to have a personal phone but despite that, Ifeoluwa is popular and we can’t help but admire the young woman she has become, she is also the brand ambassador for Victoria beauty secret skincare products

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