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How I Survived COVID-19 - Singer Azadus

Olalekan Fadeyi, a Nigerian singer better known as Azadus, has taken to social media to share his survival story with the COVID-19 disease.

The ‘You Is The One’ crooner took to his Instagram page to also address citizens who are still in doubt about the presence of the novel coronavirus in the country.

Azadus shared a slew of photos showing him undergoing treatment at a medical facility in Lagos alongside a document showing details of the condition he suffered.

The singer, who was recently discharged from the hospital, also cautioned Nigerians to be careful when they leave their homes because the COVID-19 pandemic is very real.

“My Survivor story with Covid-19 Glory be to God I just got discharged of Covid-19. Half bread is better than puff-puff. That garri in your house is far better than the good meals you won’t be able to eat at the hospital. My Advice,” he wrote in a series of posts.

“If you must go out, see everyone as that COVID-19 itself and wash your hands for 40secs at the least. Meanwhile, if you insist that Covid-19 is not real, COVID-19 is not in Nigeria or Africa.

“Ha! well, don’t be shy to ask me questions. Please kindly say a word of prayer for @lagosstategovt under our super caring Governor @jidesanwoolu. God bless. To whom much is given, much is expected. @lagosstategovt took care of me and my medical bills along with thousands when I was hospitalized.

“I feel the need to pay back through my little contribution is just appropriate and patriotic. If you like you can say I have been paid, may God not let your ignorance kill u.

“If you must go out today, my advice is that you everyone and anyone as COVID-19. If you still don’t believe it exists, kindly ask me so I can share the horrible experience God got me out of with you.”

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