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Senator GBENGA OBADARA Speaks On Life @ 60

A few weeks back, Senator Olugbenga Obadara, who is from Ogun State, clocked 60. But he does not look it. He still looks refreshingly young and vibrant.
He was 60 on Monday, 13th April 2020. He recently spoke with Info Online News about his life. Below are excerpts of the interview with the popular Ogun, politician, who has a rich pedigree.

How did you feel the morning you turned 60? Looking back how do you see your life?
With much adoration to my creator, who kept me to that day in peace, joy and happiness and above all a good health. Much has passed in the 60 years, but with deep faith in the Mighty Lord, Jesus Christ, I surmounted them. All glory to Him.

What are the lessons life has taught you?
To have deep faith and serve God daily and in every situation for He is the Alpha and Omega who directs and ordains everything. When one door closed He always opens another, without you knowing.

What are the highpoints and low points of your life at 60?
The high points of my life were many, but a few of them is when I had my first child, Moremi Obadara when I finished my programme in Harvard University, Boston Massachusetts, the day of my swearing-in at the National Assembly as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. my first day at the United Nations, USA, New York representing ECOWAS Parliament for 4 years and the opening of my Radio Station, SWEET 107.1FM, in  Abeokuta, considering my beginning as a son of a Plantain Seller, the late Chief (Mrs) Lucinda Ayoka Obadara. While the low points were when I lost my wife, Olufunsho Obadara and my mother.

You are a successful businessman and a great politician. How have you enjoyed the 2 worlds?
To God be all the glory, I have been favoured by Him to successfully be a pioneer of many ground, breaking ventures in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.
And as a politician loyalty to the leadership, contentment and trustworthiness have been my ways of life and sustainability and they remain the only way to political success, but above all, trust and dedication to God.

How do you see this Covid-19 pandemic? What are the lessons to learn?

It is very scary and the advice is to follow the instructions from our government in order to flatten it completely.

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