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Hungry Mob Loots COVID-19 Palliatives In Ogun State

A mob has hit a church in Ogun state, carting away what appears to be COVID-19 relief materials.

In an undated video published by Church Times Nigeria, some people were seen rushing into the Christian Fellowship Centre and emerging with cartons of noodles and cooking oil.

The church is located in the Ifo local government area of the state.

Some of the looters arrived at the church on motorcycles, apparently, so it would be easier to cart away the items.

There appeared to be a stampede after some people who fell were stepped on in the rush.

It is not clear if the church bought the items for its members or received them from the state government.

For almost a week, there has been looting of warehouses by mobs across the country.

State governments were accused of hoarding the COVID-19 relief materials, but they denied the allegation.

A number of states have imposed curfews to curb the looting but this has not deterred the mobs from invading warehouses.

Also, homes of some public figures and shopping malls have not been spared by these mobs.

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