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6 Relationship Red Lights Women Must Avoid


In a perfect world, dating would be fun and exciting. Unfortunately, not everyone is dating for the right reason. How can a woman make the dating experience worthwhile? How can she end up with the sort of relationship that she desires without making the same kind of mistakes she’s probably made in the past? The truth is, it is never going to be easy to achieve these things. But she can start by avoiding these top six dating mistakes.


*Only fools rush in. Watch out for that intoxicating rush that makes you move too fast. He brings you flowers, he showers you with gifts. He’s become your knight in shining armour. Avoid getting too deeply involved with a man like that. He may seem like a perfect gentleman, but he may also be acting the perfect man as a ploy to get in between your legs.


*Changing yourself. Many women try to become what a man wants or hide who they really are to be in a relationship, instead of just being themselves. You can’t succeed in changing yourself to suit someone else. It can’t work. If you try to change yourself to please somebody else, the real you will still remain and could cause problems when your partner finds out. Never conceal your true identity from a loved one, it's a bad idea that always backfires.


*Talking too much. Being so self-absorbed, always talking too much about yourself and not listening to the other person is definitely a turnoff. For one, you might become an unexciting company and it's also offering too much information about yourself a little too soon. A good date is a good listener, someone who is genuinely interested in the other person.


*Being the interrogator. A barrage of questions can be unsettling. Each time you’re with your partner, you come armed with a list of new questions you want answers to. At first, he might not mind, but if this continues for too long, he’ll become evasive and then irritated at your barrage of questions. You want to know so much about him within such a short while you guys met? Slow down. Take it easy. One step at a time and you’ll get your answers, otherwise, you’ll simply chase him away from you.


*Judging too soon. He’s not making enough money. His job isn’t prestigious. He doesn’t talk much, he doesn’t smile much. He’s boring. Hey, take it easy on him. He could seem boring because he’s trying to be overly cautious with women. Maybe the last girl he dated was only after a sugar daddy and broke his heart. Make a judgment about a man so soon and you could be missing out on finding Mr. Right. Sometimes, stop and think about what you have to offer instead of what someone else has to offer you.


*Getting intimate too soon. Some women get too intimate too soon instead of leaving their options open and concentrating on one man before it's even clear that there’s a relationship. If you’ve only been on a few dates with a man and you’re already considering yourself as his Mrs. you’re planning the honeymoon and naming the children, you could be heading for heartbreak. Nothing chases a man away faster than the M and C words — marriage and commitment. 


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