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Big Brother Naija, Shine Ya Eye finalist, Cross has challenged the perception that he is a flirt or a playboy for kissing quite a few of the girls in the house. Though, he was particularly linked to Angel while on the show, he was always seen kissing the other girls too. 

He said as far as he is concerned, he was just stringing along as the girls wanted the kisses as much as he did. He said there was really nothing much attached to most of the drama in the house as it was just for the show.   He told City People that he enjoyed every bit of his stay in the house and he had a very memorable experience but he never even expected to get that far in the first place.

When we asked him why he never expected to get as far as he got, he maintained that he knows his level and he doesn’t deceive himself when he knows that he is not up to something.

He maintained that he knew from the start that Whitemoney or Liquorose was going to win the grand prize. He said he didn’t bring much into the house but the winner and runner-up had a lot to offer. While Whitemoney was always helping to feed the house and had a lot of interpersonal skills, Liquorose provided a lot of entertainment and dissipated a lot of energy in the house, thereby winning a lot of the tasks. He said that he knew that he just didn’t measure up to become the winner of BBNaija, Shine Ya Eye.

Meanwhile, he has confirmed that he is the son of the late businessman, popularly known as Ezego. Though he revealed this to his housemates while on the show, a lot of people, were not sure if it was really true or he told one of those fabulous stories people tell on such reality shows to catch a cruise, as they call it.

His father, Ezego died in 1999 after he sustained fatal injuries from a ghastly motor accident as he was on his way to his home town. The report at the time said after his car broke down the second car in his convoy towed it but the towed car accidentally rammed into the towing vehicle.

However, Cross now claims that his father was assassinated. Perhaps the last has not been heard about the story as he has also narrated how his family was kidnapped after the death of his father. He said his mother,  Pastor Uji Grace Okonkwo escaped with him and his siblings to the United States, where they sought political asylum.

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