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It was a surprise when Emmanuel of Big Brother Naija flat-out denied that Liquorose is his girlfriend. This was because he made viewers to believe that he had a thing for Liquorose while on the show. This is also contrary to some recent news reports where he was quoted to have declared that he and Liquorose are in love.

This brings up the question of whether a falling out has happened somewhere in these few days. This is especially noteworthy as a lot of viewers of the show believed that he got as far as he did as a result of his relationship with Liquorose in the house. There seems to be a consensus from a lot of viewers that most of those that voted to keep him in the house when he was up for eviction, were actually the fans of Liquorose. When asked if he believes that he stayed that long in the house because of Liquorose, he said it was possible. As far as a relationship with Emmanuel is concerned, Liquorose said she decided to give Emmanuel a chance in the house as she hadn’t dated for a long time and because she felt a kind of connection to him. She wants to take it one step at a time outside the house and in the real world. 

Unfortunately, from the utterances of Emmanuel about a real-world relationship, it doesn’t seem like he wants to pursue it further but time shall, like they say, tell. Meanwhile, Emmanuel jokingly disclosed to City People Magazine that he missed the free food in the house. “It was one of the best holidays that I have ever had,” He said.

He explained that he never had any strategy in the house but just enjoyed himself and never at any moment thought about winning the prize money as he already tipped either Liquorose or WhiteMoney for the prize.

He also denied that he had a thing for Angel while in the Big Brother Naija house. Quite a few viewers of the show felt that he had a crush on Angel and was only using Liquorose as a cover and to get farther in the show.  He told us this was not the case.

Emmanuel, who was born in Akwa Ibom State has a civil engineering degree from the University of Port Harcourt. H live in the Garden City where he runs a fitness centre. He also runs a unisex and spa saloon in Port Harcourt. Meanwhile, he said now that he is out of the house, he will continue to pursue his acting career in Nollywood and explore other avenues in the world of entertainment.

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