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The Naija Babe's Dairy: THE MEETING

The evening breeze felt better than the afternoon breeze, it was comforting and had a soothing feeling as it hits my skin. I was 5 minutes early to the meeting as I was bag full with anger and questions. My friend was getting bored of waiting. As other neighbors took other seat after light greetings, everyone took their seats waiting patiently for the landlord. Finally the old figure of the landlord appeared in the lobby, he looked brighter than the day before, as usual he was not smiling and had his walking stick firmly in one hand. Finally he took his sit and took his time to acknowledge every ones greeting shaking his walking stick as a response. 

Finally he declared that our wait had not ended, as we had to wait first his first son who actually built the house in his name. This revelation only made me more irritated as I remembered the encounter I had with his first son Koya. Again another figure appeared in the lobby with another slimmer figure behind, our run away culprit cooing behind his elder brother. They found their seats and the meeting was announced open. The land lord introduced his son Koga to everyone, koga stood up to shake everyone. 

He got to where I sat and abruptly stopped to look at me again; he grabbed my hand tightly and winked at me before he went to his seat. The floor was instantly open for tenant to share their grievances. I was first to pick the opportunity. ‘’Our light’’ I opened my statement while I turned to face Koga’s younger brother Koya as I queried him outlining his offences and my wish to take the matter to the Police the next morning. 

Koga stood up to remind me he was richer and ready to support his brother so I outlined his offences. ‘’sexual harassment and assault!’’ he was taken aback with this revelation as my friend responded as a witness. Koga obviously knew what the law was and kept his cool until I was done with his brother. 

Other tenants supported all I had to say as some smiled to finally watch Koga face a wrath. ‘’pay us all you have stolen from us’’ was my last resolution as i threw a detailed piece of paper showing a proposed refundable fund of ten thousand six hundred and fifty Naira. Koga took the piece of paper and agreed to pay me, other tenant also brought out their propositions as Koga very surprised at the huge total summed up. 

At the peak of his confusion he rudely announced his inability to pay all the money, Mallam Abu my next door neighbor in a rage of anger picked up a stick and to hit Koga. Koya in a bid to rescue his brother announced his wish to resolve our light issue while we let go of the previously squandered money, Mama Nkechi on hearing this grabbed Koya by the collar as she dug her teeth deep into his skin mumbling some words. I sat back enjoying the scene as I saw the land-lord run as fast as his 2 legs and walking sticks could. Koga and Koya were beaten to pulp as Oga Officer another tenant promised to report the landlord and his son for their neglect and criminal like nature.

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  1. The useless boy has brought wrath upon his brother. They suppose beat Baba Landlord sef join