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How I Got My BIG Break In Acting – Movie Star, ALESH ONILEGBALE

Alesh Onilegbale Rilwan is a well-known name in the movie industry today. Being an actor and a politician, he has been able to touch so many lives with his prolific acts in the make-belief world.

Alesh as he’s fondly called is a member of Odunfa Caucus, a Yoruba Theatre group located in Ebute Metta, Lagos State. He’s a close friend of Sunny Alli and has featured in scores of movies with him. The actor is very talented. He can interpret any movie role and can fit into any character given to him by movie producers and directors.

The actor is known to live a low-key life and keeps a low profile. He has produced a good number of movies and has also featured in so many. Some of his movies include BLLB (Lo Lose Bo), Omo kan, Ire nwa mi ni temi. The only epic Oba Adegboro, Eleregbe, Ko si asiri; to mention but a few.

He celebrated his 51st birthday in style a few weeks ago and at the event, he had a chat with DAMILARE SALAMIM08155134152. In the chat, revealed some interesting side of him that is unknown to many people. Below are excerpts, enjoy.


How do you feel being 51?

To God be the glory, I’m alive, I’m grateful to God, there are so many people that didn’t have the grace to live up to 51. So, attaining this feat can only be by God’s grace. Not that alone, I am not just 51 but I am 51 with so many positivities. So many things are looking so positive for me right now.

What has life taught you at 51?

A lot; life has taught me so many things but I can’t remember any right now because I am in a celebratory mood but the bottom line is that I am grateful to the giver of life. It has really not been easy but we are here today, alive and healthy.

You are one person that so many young talents are looking up to in the industry. How were you able to build the brand ‘Alesh Onilegbale’?

Humanity to me is something that’s very important that I don’t joke with and I don’t believe anyone should. When you are meeting someone for the very first time, it is very important not to look down on them. That has been something that works for me. Your relationship with everyone matters a lot and it goes a long way to determine your success in life. That is what I am benefitting from today.

Alesh is someone that has been scandal-free in the movie industry. How have you been able to do that?

To God be the glory. Being mindful of your name is a very good habit everyone should cultivate. If you are very good at it, I doubt whether you will ever run into any trouble. I am also mindful of my name and what becomes of it even after my departure and I think that has worked fine for me over the years.

As an actor, which of the movies would you say shot you to the limelight?

It’s my own movie, ire wamiri nitemi. It’s a movie I produced and in that movie, I played the role of Ariremako. That movie gave me my big break and that is why I have chosen to stick with the name, Ariremako till today.

What else are we expecting from Alesh now that you are 51?

You have actually reminded me today that a lot of people are saying good things about me today because I have been that person to them all along and I am not ready to change from who I am to who I am not. So, I will keep doing what I have been doing that has made people love me and stay by my side.

There is no cloud without a dark spot. A lot of people have been saying so many good things about you. I want you to tell us the negative side of you that many don’t know or may know…

I could be a little temperamental when something doesn’t go right. Although I am not a perfectionist, I always try to make sure that things go the right way. Whenever things are not done the right way, I try to make the person involved see it as it is in as much as I am sure that I am absolutely correct. That could probably be my bad but a lot of people that know me well have accepted that to be a part of me and they love me that way.

How do you feel having this gorgeous damsel beside you?

I feel so great; she’s been a blessing to me all along.

How did you meet her?

The same way I meet everyone on the street. I was just walking on the street and I saw a beautiful woman right in front of her family house and I said hello, she responded and the rest is history today.

Was that because you are a celebrity?

She doesn’t even care who I am or I’m not… That should be all for now, we will talk better some other times, thank you.

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