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How To Bond With Your Children

These days, one of the biggest challenges parents face is their inability to give as much time as they would’ve loved to their children. Early in the morning most parents are up and already hitting the road to get on with the day’s work or business.

By the time the parents are getting ready for work or business, the kids are also getting ready for school. And by the time mum and dad return home in late the evening the kids are probably in bed, asleep. There’s barely time to bond. There’s no time to monitor the kids growth and progress in the school. Parents say they’ve got to work hard to make enough money to provide for the kids, but still, making out time for them is as essential as making enough money to give them the best things in life. Here are six ways you can bond with your children.


*You must create time. No matter how busy you may be, creating time for your kids is extremely important. It is impossible for anyone to be busy for all the 24 hours in a day. If you can’t make out time within the week, then you must create time for them during weekends. For instance, you could take it upon yourself to drive the kids to school. The distance between home and school is enough for you to share a few conversations with them.


*Relate with them on their level. Play with them and come down to their level. Watch their favourite teevee programmes with them and gist with them about school and their friends. Engage them on their favourite movies or music and ask them who the new wave making actors, actresses and musicians are. This makes your kids see you as a parent they can gist with and relate with on a chummy level.


*Take them on rides. You must create time for his. It is important for families to go out together on rides, picnics, see movies together. There’s nothing as great and as exciting as a family taking trips together. When you watch a movie together or go to the beach as a family, you are able to bond with the children and enjoy a blissful family time with them.


*Monitor their academic progress. As a parent, you certainly can not have a fantastic relationship with your children if all you barely talk with them. You must inquire about their academic progress and find out what their challenges in school and even at home are. When you engage your kids on their academics and even their extra-curricular activities, that makes it easy for them to open up to you whenever they are having problems in school.


*Spend one-on-one time with each child. Get to know each of your children and their peculiarities. Setting time aside with each child will also afford you the opportunity to discover their strengths, their talents and help them channel those abilities to positive use.


*Share house chores with them. Get your kids involved in as much house chores as you can. Whether its cleaning the house, the kitchen, washing the dishes, let them get involved so that, while you’re at it together, you can also use the opportunity to bond together. 


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